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Chris, Peter and the team with one of the biggest shows of the year

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This week on Behind the Wheel Car Podcast we get our hands on one of the most anticipated new cars to hit the market in 2017 – the Kia Stinger.

We’ll take you on a hot lap of the Wakefield Park Racetrack in the Stinger with Australian Rally Champion Cody Crocker who may or may not be related to Barry Crocker.

And we’ll catch up with Roland Revero, General Manager of Product at Kia Australia with details on how this car came about and who is likely to buy it.

There’s a great Aussie company called GoGet – you may have seen the cars in their special parking bays in capital cities around the country.

The company all started in a bedroom in a Sydney suburb – we’ll hear the story of how it started and find out about the plans for global expansion.

Joel Helmes is back to talk about his time in the stunning Lexus LC 500h. Could this be a Car of the Year contender, or is it just the hottest looking Prius ever built?

Rachel Franco makes a welcome return with something important on her mind…she hates the way Americans say chassis. And there’s more. She’ll be on to vent.

Simon Lai will chime in with his thoughts on the topic and tell us about the Kia Rondo, a car that may or may not be a people-mover.

There’s all the details on the new and beautiful Range Rover Velar, pricing details on its nemesis, the all-new BMW X3 and the first-ever SUV from Lamborghini.

Hit download now, you won’t regret it. At least we hope not!

Behind the Wheel Car Podcast Episode 0467 Transcript:

[00:00:00] Judging by the fun you’ve been up to in the kia stinger I’m not surprised. [3.9]

[00:00:04] I tell you this car we’ve talked about it endlessly I reckon for the last couple of years it’s probably the most highly anticipated care of all time. It is a large rear wheel drive sedan and I got to say I’m just fresh back from the Australian launch and I don’t think I’ve ever been and experienced a car that’s not only lived up to the hype but exceeded it. [20.2]

[00:00:25] This thing is bolstering its vast it handles great. It looks magnificent and you get essentially a car that’ll do not to 100 in four point nine seconds for a smidge over 48 grand. [12.8]

[00:00:38] How exciting to be there at the Australian launch. Tell us what happens at a launch especially at a project as big as the kersting. [6.8]

[00:00:45] Absolutely. Well basically the media contingent is gathered together from all corners of the country. We met the nation’s capital in Canberra. They shipped us out to Wakefield park Raceway. We had a day at the race track. I’m sure it is a pretty easy move for key because putting a car on a racetrack and most most people I’d say ninety nine point nine percent people who ever will by posting it will go anywhere near a race track. What the racetrack does is exposes the weaknesses of a car exposes where the balance isn’t right where the chassis is not hooked up. Where were the suspensions out where the power is down. It’s a it’s a it’s a brave courageous move to put it all out there on the line. But I can understand why he did it because this thing just it’s just so competent. We’re going to take you to the Australian launch we’re going to in fact take you on a hot lap with Australian rally champion Cody Crocker. He’s going to be on in the next sort of five 10 minutes or so so don’t be going anywhere. We’ve also got key as product general manager on who’s going to take us through where the concept of the car came from. The men behind it and I think the names that you’ll hear are real surprises. These are icons of the motoring world people who have had experience at Audi and BMW and kiner at the pinnacle of their careers. These are the boys behind this car and maybe that explains why it is so good. [1:18.3]

[00:02:04] Idea to talk about a great Aussie company though that it also formulator later on the show you’ll have seen them park little cars sort of right around the capital cities all around the country with these little orange mirrors in their own special car spots. [14.1]

[00:02:18] And you look at them and you think that that car had a bit of damage on its on its wing mirror. Oh no wait a minute it’s meant to look like that because that’s the contrasting colour scheme. [8.1]

[00:02:27] Exactly right. And what is it. Well it’s a car sharing program it’s called Go Get It was started in a bedroom in the suburbs of New South Wales with a borrowed car. I think that’s what I’ve heard. I don’t know whether it’s a story or not but it’s a good story. I’m going to run with it great back story. Yeah. Yeah. But look this company. Go get you will have seen him. I think they’re about to take over the world going get one of the guys behind one of the head honchos of go get Justin on a little later. Tell us all about it. Because Joel the Australian motoring icon he returns as well. [30.2]

[00:02:57] Yes and Joel has been driving a car that we absolutely loved but he’s been driving a different version of it so we speak of the Lexus elsi 500 Jole is in the hybrid version. And I just wonder how that’s going to compare with the one we drove. [14.1]

[00:03:11] Well look you know there’s some spectacular hybrid performance cars that BMW i8 one of the first that springs to mind Toyota Prius. Oh come on. Don’t you can’t say that that’s not very fair. [10.1]

[00:03:22] Well the new generation Audi a full range is almost complete with the r s for a van. The latest edition not too far off arriving in Australia Audi dealerships expect everyday usability of exceptional performance. I guess that’s the formula. [12.6]

[00:03:35] Well it is and the performance comes from 330 kilowatt 600 nude meter V six by Turbo. It’s a two point nine leader engine. [7.8]

[00:03:43] The power and torque delivered to the ground via an 8 speed tip Tronic transmission and the latest Audi Quattro permanent all wheel drive system. [6.9]

[00:03:50] Not 100 K an hour while the RS for all do that in four seconds an Audi saying a top speed of 250 kilometres an hour. [6.6]

[00:03:56] The development time for the inaugural Lamborghini SUV seems to have taken forever. Now though comes official confirmation. The Lamborghini Euros will finally be revealed in December. It does sound like a medicine for a sort of a a urinary tract disorder does not or sound could be the Latin for a bear. I’m not sure. I haven’t looked it up I must say. Right. However they have centres images and you can see them now. Behind the wheel. [24.0]

[00:04:21] It’s one of Australia’s best selling cars and soon the Toyota Land Cruiser prato will spot refreshed looks and added features stopping short of the complete replacement of the current series model the update accounts for little more than a mid-life makeover. The big change is the long established model. The fallout of e6 is no longer that engine ditched the only engine in get now the 2.8 lead a diesel 130 kilowatts 420 new 10 meters the same you’d find Lilac’s there’s new look front styling and upgraded interior with new design for the dashboard centre console instrument Bionicle and the switchgear. Some variance only with the audio transmission get pre collision safety system systems including emergency braking. [38.7]

[00:04:59] Active cruise control lane departure alert an automatic high beam Honda’s unveiled a new electric car concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show and taken the covers off a smart electricity control system that could benefit the bank balances of electric car owners in the future. [13.6]

[00:05:13] Interesting. The biggest news though from Honda on the Eevee front is a commitment to have the electrification right across its range of cars available in Europe in only two years renaults New magana will work. I’m [11.1]

[00:05:24] a first to the model all wheel steering which could give Renault an advantage over a top hat rivals the sporty Renault welcomes a completely revised one point eight litre engine delivering 200 five kilowatts at six thousand revs and three hundred ninety new two meters of torque from 2400 revs for the first time in 2018. [18.7]

[00:05:43] The Renault magana s buyers will finally be able to choose an auto transmission if they want to suggest the majority will remain with that six speed manual instead. The good bit. A 223 kilowatt 400 meter trophy version coming before the end of 2018. [15.0]

[00:05:58] Victoria Police will be adding a BMW 5 Series sedans to the operations highway patrol unit. It seems the 530 D sedan is the one of choice in announcing the deal. BMW Australia said Victoria Police selected the diesel powered model to ensure maximum cost effectiveness. [16.5]

[00:06:15] Now it does come in standard form doesn’t have the normal luxuries of a five series and the reason I believe the Victoria Police Board is because of the wiring loom they can just plug it in and suddenly all their systems work. Whereas if they chose any other car they’d have to rewire the whole thing. [15.9]

[00:06:32] Now the third generation BMW X3 will arrive soon and BMW Australia dealerships prices will start just under 69000. [7.3]

[00:06:39] Now the new car a model that looks set to lift BMW out of the doldrums Well it will initially be offered across three variants additional models will be coming to the range in 2018 including potentially a plug in hybrid version standard features and the entry level model it could head up display. [14.7]

[00:06:54] Reverse camera LCD headlights electric tailgate and digital radio or the range rover family is about to expand to four models worth the Land Rover dealerships now taking in the range rover Vola sitting above the Vogue and below range rover sport the five seat only Villa will be priced from 17000 662 dollars. The new offering available in standard s s or HSC specifications along with the flagship first edition version hitting dealerships now some of the standout features that the new offering boasts the distinctive flush doorhandles up to 22 in shallow wheels and fully digital infotainment system and instrument panel. [38.4]

[00:07:33] This is the bit that we’ve been building up to a point I reckon for what two years. Do you think. I suppose so. The concept was first shown I think. 2011 was a bit longer than two years. Yes my Maths isn’t that great. But who’s counting. But anyway the concept came out and then they confirmed that it was going to happen. I think about two years ago on the couple we talk of is the key is stinger mentioned at the top of the show that finally we found a car that lives up to the hype it does and will replace that large gaping hole left in the market by the withdrawal of Commodore and Falcon. [33.1]

[00:08:07] I’m going to bring Alan’s advice on anyone who goes to a behind the wheel. Dot com dot you go carboys any auto dot com. All of those website Allons the man behind it. It does a great job and he knows his car so is a very big behind the wheel. Podcasts slash radio show. Welcome to Atlanta. Good to talk to you man. [16.3]

[00:08:24] Thank you very much for having me. [1.6]

[00:08:25] So Alan you had some time in the Kiya stinger as well. What are your thoughts. [4.5]

[00:08:30] Well we had it on a track. We had it on the road. Look I think it’s I think it’s a lovely thing. I tell you what it was it was a beautiful looking thing. [7.8]

[00:08:38] Certainly was. And I haven’t sort of gone too far into this. My thoughts on the suspension yet. But essentially the upside is Alan isn’t it. The expensive ones with the flash adaptive suspension that are all kind of north of 53 grand are possibly the ones door void because the base car in the D6 alone was so well sorted it was astounding the way a car couldn’t handle a midcourt a bump it just could not be unsettled. It was an amazingly well put together car. [26.8]

[00:09:06] Absolutely right. However the model does have a lot of little add on gorgeous thing you know the Blind Spot monitoring and lane control. Personally I can’t live without those things I don’t have on the road without the same here. [13.9]

[00:09:20] I must say and if you if you find yourself in a car that doesn’t have those extra seats in pieces. Yes yep you immediately think Gosh. Car driving has come as such a long way in such a short time. [13.6]

[00:09:34] In terms of safety who wants to go back well do you remember when we first got the most down blind spot monitoring someone doing it is to turn it off. [8.1]

[00:09:43] Now I can’t live without it can’t live without the we can’t play. [3.1]

[00:09:46] You’re right. And of course now in the g.t. in the G line those up a spec casting the models you get things like your 15 Speaker hardeman card and sound system with subwoofers and Napoli leather and colour head up displays. Things that you do miss out on the base model. The thing is you can’t delete the suspension you’ve just got to cop it. So that’ll be my only criticism. And look I suppose you know was someone who would review in cozart got to kind of come up with some sort of negative. But overall a really impressive package and a car that has absolutely lived up to the hype in fact I think exceeded it. [30.6]

[00:10:17] It has exceeded my only last comment on my suspension would be how much does it cost to fix when it goes wrong. [6.4]

[00:10:24] The every good point is well actually nothing because kids have a seven year unlimited km warranty. So sell a car when it gets to six years and 11 months old and it won’t cost you a cent. [9.6]

[00:10:34] It’s not a bad idea. I think probably people do that. But you know what that word is fully transferable. So you know it’s a good reason to buy a second. [8.2]

[00:10:43] Service is a reason to go to behind the wheel dot com. [2.9]

[00:10:46] You were the host of a Web site motoring icon. We love him. Come back again visit us soon on the wheel. Allan thanks for your time. Come any time. Thanks Fred. [7.6]

[00:10:54] OK. Welcome back behind the wheel. We have our epi pens issued by care because yes we’re at the launch of a stinger. Hopefully know anything electric shocks now to start us off. Start off today’s coverage we thought. I want to hit the racetrack first up. And who better to do it with than Australian. Rally legend Cody Crocker. Carrie can I walk into behind the wheel. You go from behind. Now of course the first question on everybody’s lips is are you related to Barry Crocker. [29.6]

[00:11:24] Yeah. And that thoughts are yes true story. My dad’s name is Barry Crocker. Can you sing. Know. Pretty crap. [7.6]

[00:11:34] All right. All jokes aside we are in Wakefield park well up here in Canberra. It is I suppose. A place that you wouldn’t expect a big large sedan to be launched. It would seem to have faith in this car. [14.7]

[00:11:49] They have taken a bit of a gamble in that you know there is a risk that people go well it’s just a big lumbering piece of junk but we’re going to wait around a race track. But. You know I think and I try to get as much feedback from everybody that I can during the day today and I think everybody is actually very suitably impressed that this is. [15.2]

[00:12:05] A very capable car both on the road and off the track. Yeah. Well certainly you know on my experience of it I’m certainly no expert on driving on roads when it comes to tracks. I’ve realised today I’m really crap at that. [10.4]

[00:12:17] However a lot of squealing a of outside the car was definitely the tyres had nothing to do with me. All right so we’ve just done a little bit of a warm up. We’re now really going hard and I’m sitting in a Speedo. [11.4]

[00:12:29] One hundred sixty six 170 and I can see some left foot braking going on. Now this car is pretty stable isn’t it. [6.2]

[00:12:36] Yeah absolutely that’s it. That’s the thing and I’m not one to sort of try and have inside that car that you know is what I’m doing at one point enjoying having a day racing car around the track and I’ve been giving them a pretty hard time. As you can hear all day. And you know this is up to it. I’m quite enjoying this. [14.6]

[00:12:51] To say worse than 100 now. I was 43 coming through this before. Somewhere around that time. [7.1]

[00:12:59] It’s. It’s a car that you can become comfortable with driving and then rain so I’m happy to do that. I’ve been on a plane flying around and had a lot of fun. [7.3]

[00:13:06] Fantastic. It’s awesome. Now Rachel Franco you’ll have heard her on behind the wheel before her big question was how can you do this thing and turn this thing around the way she can. I had a Commodore around. [10.3]

[00:13:17] I came up rechelle there with a bit of a go. Then we can make some noise. [4.1]

[00:13:23] I love it. Now obviously this is a car that’s going to have a big impact on the Australian mongering landscape. You know everyone’s sort of touting it as the car as of the Commodore replacement Falcon replacement. It’s it’s at that level isn’t it. [15.0]

[00:13:39] Absolutely. I don’t see there’s a problem with this car easily competing with those cars. This is everyone that has talked about this car and is assessed there’s no God he’s up there absolutely and just looking at it I guess you could talk about the Korean cars in general and how much they have improved over the last few years to become. Very high quality cars and in their build process is obviously fantastic. And really now the quality assurance in the in the system and in their build is just getting right up there with the best cars in the world. And you see that with. I think is a seven year warranty. How can you have a seven year warranty with a car and it’s not going to perform. [36.9]

[00:14:16] Exactly right. You’re a guy who’s familiar with cars probably a little more familiar with some like super Rex but what sort of. I suppose the standout kind of feature of this. What is it that excites you about tasting. [11.8]

[00:14:30] I’m now I’ve got a bit oh I’m 45 so I’m actually got into our car. It is a comfortable car to drive. You can actually sit in and have room your room for the kids in the back and that sort of thing. But at the same time if you want to have a bit of fun. Why not. [14.1]

[00:14:45] Ask him. Excellent. What a great day here at Wakefield park Raceway in the fabulous new sting. We’re going to see more coverage right throughout the show. But no that yes he’s dead. Barry Crocker No he’s dead can’t sing but he’s a bloody good bloke and a good driver too. Katie Crocker thanks for being on by the moment. [15.9]

[00:15:01] Yeah. Thanks very much. And also just say that mom is not the Betty Crocker but you can bake a cake. [5.0]

[00:15:13] All right. So part two of the key is setting a launch. We’ve just got back from a very big drive program. And I’m lucky enough to be joined by the general manager of product for care Motors Australia it’s Roland Rivera welcome to behind the wheel Roland. Thank you. Good to be here. You got to be pretty proud of this car I’d imagine because I wasn’t expecting it to be as competent as confidence inspiring and as an all round great package like this is a car that goes really hard probably from my end. [26.0]

[00:15:39] We were a little bit more confident knowing that person. Now the big man was behind the development of the chassis and behind the development of its driving ability and its dynamics. So we were confident all along that when you get a person like Albert who is obviously going to be in the background. So he was responsible for and reasonable to correct the correct and we knew that he had extensive involvement in the chassis development so we knew that we would get a very good platform to start off with that from which we could then fine tune for Australia’s harsh road conditions so unlike Germany and obviously even the USA we don’t have a table like roads. We’ve got to make sure that it’s comply and it’s able to absorb and really suck up some of the rough stuff that you’ve you’ve been able to experience this morning. Yeah absolutely. And gram and bolts done a fantastic job with that. And we’ve got. At the end of it you need a tune from a spring rates and a shock absorber and even our sway bars so we’re very much Australian eyes it because the way that we drive we don’t necessarily take our country roads lightly. Irrespective of the speed and speed signs there’s a lot of confidence that needs to be in the vehicle for a large rear wheel drive sedan and we want to make sure that it’s definitely one that customers can punt along with confidence. [1:18.0]

[00:16:57] Now of course we’ve got Ford model grades here. We’ve got two engines a two litre turbo four which I must say I was sort of dismissive of when I first heard about it and then drove it yesterday at the track and found it really agile kind of frole sort of car. It’s a car that possibly some people might discount because the headlines all about the twin turbo v 6 obviously but I’d suggest that abukar be pretty proud of as well. So [22.7]

[00:17:20] during the development process and the local right in handling tuning we we did lots and lots of kilometres on both. And I’ve always felt all along that the two leaders are a bit of a dark horse in that it’s weight distribution is pretty good. Obviously it’s about 87 kilos lighter than the twin to a v 6 and that’s all sort of in a front axle to correct from the front end and that that nimbleness adds to it. So in an environment where there’s lots and lots of cornering it does actually keep up and so on until you get to a straight with a v 6. Obviously we’ll leave it behind but in essence today we were able to finally reveal it and expose it even though the hero all along has been the twin term of e6. I think people are going to be surprised by the two later as well. [43.8]

[00:18:04] There’s not a huge price difference or not as much of a price difference as I was expecting to go from the two leader to the to the three point three on a twin turbo v 6. Was that something that you tried to do or is it just the way the numbers worked out. [11.4]

[00:18:16] It’s not always a case of how the numbers work. We do go through quite a comprehensive negotiation with our parent company. As you know we we buy the cars from pericardium pay and fgb for the product and it really becomes a negotiation on what we can deliver the car into the market for. We had to convince them that our market situation is very different. Whilst in Europe and even probably the US you can target BMW We have to demonstrate that the market here the gap that we can try to fill is where the local manufacturers have left off. So that was quite a long process of because in Korea they wouldn’t understand Commodore or falcon was. And and through that education were able to really bring them back into line and make them understand. But still the gap was a very very high at one stage. They were thinking more in lines of well you should be closer. There were three or four series. And we had to convince them that that that’s not the right realm or positioning that we’re after. Bit by bit we worked on them and we kind of settled on a nice midway point whereby their margins were still okay. I mean. Make no mistake when you’re benchmarking of being force here is during a development process you are indeed team your quality team. Leave no stone unturned in terms of build quality in terms of materials used. So it’s not a cheap car to build. [1:24.2]

[00:19:41] And plus the spec that we’ve loaded it up with wasn’t necessarily a cheap car from the onset anyway so the negotiations worked out in that direction where we sold we said to them look if we can if we can push that six there’s probably a better margin opportunity for for both of us. But at the same time we’ve got to be mindful of the two litre because not everyone’s going to want to step up and not everyone’s going to want all that power as well or needed people don’t need it even right now. [29.3]

[00:20:10] You mentioned a couple things. Holden and and Ford and the Commodore and Falcon and obviously that sort of seems to be the main main conversation over the last couple of years in the build up to this car that this became a stinger is the one that will essentially take their place. Because I mentioned you already had a couple of orders before the car’s been launched. Where are what cars are those people coming out of. Like what cars they trading in to get into a Hasting. Are they just Commodore and Falcon bikes or are they coming from benz’s and BMW. [26.5]

[00:20:37] Not necessarily. There is a mix. From my understanding it’s about a third a third a third one third of them are coming from the Falcons and Commodore’s a third are coming from euros. And they’re seeing the value and this is not new for us and we’re seeing that in in our other vehicles like sorento GTA line for example and Platinum’s were able to do a similar job in that some of the euro buys saw the value in what we were offering and decided you know what we don’t really need to go all the way up. But we are also getting other current key customers also so that you know that’s your third a third a third country. It’s early days it’s probably not the mix that we thought initially with all that the majority 80 90 percent would be the Falcon hasn’t translated that way yet. But I think they might be holding back. I mean there is they’re still there. How does it drive. There’s always this question mark and when we did our focus groups with our communal bonds there is that reassurance that they need from their mates from what the motoring media writes about the product and it’s only through that reassurance that they say okay that’s it. Now when we’ll put our money down we’ve gone back and they don’t just immediately throw the deposit down. So I think that it’s early days and that first 100 or so deposits not by any stretch the indication of what eventually will be the mix. [1:24.9]

[00:22:03] It’s moved from care to kind of come in to a segment that’s been deserted by our local manufacturers. How many of these cars do you think you’ll you’ll end up selling. [7.8]

[00:22:12] We actually have a supply restriction at the moment. Luckily we are the first market outside of Korea to launch. But soon within a month or so you will have the US kicking in and they are targeting about 40000 a year. And Europe will also kick in soon so that will be fairly tight particularly for the six which that engine is shared with the Gen. G 70. But we anticipate that probably the latter end of 18 that supply will start free up and perhaps in a free supply environment. We envisage around 500 a month 6000 here. That’s that’s a pretty good target for it you go. [40.7]

[00:22:53] Let’s say you’ve got 65000 dollars as a maximum budget. [2.5]

[00:22:56] What sort of Stinger are you buying what’s what’s what’s going to be in the driveway from the stingray’s. My pick is actually the s.i. I don’t I don’t need the roof. I’m not a roof person and just it’s not my show it’s not my thing. So I’m quite content and happy with 330. I had to 919 So it was with the power output that it has all the safety features as well. It’s got everything that I need. It’s got everything but I think my family will be happy with as well. Plenty of luggage bastia respective So I’m sure that my kids will be happy with it as well. So you’re gonna go for undercoat grey or yellow. I’m at that age now where there was a time where the yellow would easily be the pick of the bunch. But I’m a fan of the blue. To be honest I’m a bit more conservative now that I’ve reached a very young age or 38. [54.8]

[00:23:51] Roland thanks so much for spending some time with us on behind the wheel and massive congratulations on a huge achievement. Great Cup. Thank you so much. [6.6]

[00:23:59] Yes indeed. I know it’s all been tasting and I’m still excited about that lap with Cody Crocker around Wakefield park in that fabulous car but I don’t know I’m just. Let me just say this. I know I spoke about it all show but I’m still amazed that we finally found a car that’s lived up to the hype. Yes it sounds absolutely fantastic and it’s going to do great things in the Australian market. I sure hope so. I hope so and I reckon we have well and truly got a car of the year contender on our hands as well. So you all will be revealed as the year goes on. We have however now got to talk about something I’m also rather excited about as we mentioned at the top of the show. You see them everywhere no matter what capital city you are around the country absolutely they’ve got their own special little car parks in you. [42.1]

[00:24:41] I always say I sometimes look at them. I don’t have a target to park there and then I see the sticker that says Go get go get on the side and now the man who’s come up with this idea it’s just a brilliant idea. And I believe he’s about to just take over the globe with it. He is Justin passport. [16.9]

[00:24:59] Justin we are right. You do see them everywhere don’t you. In Australian cities. And that has a very interesting backstory. Tell us how the whole idea came about. [8.9]

[00:25:09] Yes right. The distinctive. And side view mirrors are all go get vehicles and go get is. And what karsch is it. Well it’s a phenomenon really. It’s an alternative to private vehicle ownership. And so for instance I’m a I’m a cash member myself. And what that allows me to do is have access to a whole wardrobe of vehicles. So for example we have around 2300. Go get the eckles throughout the nation around 550 of which are in Melbourne. And as a member I can book out any one of these vehicles by the hour or by the day whenever I need it. And so it’s amazing I’m not restricted to any particular car that I own but I can access any one of these vehicles. And the beauty of it is that we have a vehicle paid for any need that you might have right from. [54.6]

[00:26:04] From small hatches you know to run around cars to large SUV and even vans and luxury vehicles. We’ve got you covered. I put in the wheel. [10.3]

[00:26:14] So all you have to do is get yourself to wherever these cars are parked. And with the help of an app I suppose a way you go is that how it works. [8.7]

[00:26:24] That’s it. Yeah. So it’s membership based. So you sign up and become either a person or a business member. You get issued a smart card which is like like a make your own card. Yeah. And that is very much your key to our entire network of vehicle right. So it’s with that smart card that you gain access to our vehicle. And once you swipe in for all intents and purposes it it’s like it’s your very own car and you need to book it in advance or do so through an app. [32.8]

[00:26:57] How does that work. [0.8]

[00:26:58] Well let’s face it right. You should book in advance. But in this in this day and age plan ahead. [5.8]

[00:27:04] So getting the rights for the vast majority of our bookings are made literally from from one moment to this to the next. But that really speaks to the to the flexibility of the of the Go get them right. You just pull out your phone. Open up the app find your nearest vehicle lock it and book it under your name and then make your way down to the airport to start the book. [22.7]

[00:27:27] That’s terrific. What sort of costs are involved. [1.9]

[00:27:30] So having signed up to become a member right started seven dollars an hour or seventy five dollars a day seven dollars an hour. Yeah. So bear in mind that that’s inclusive of petrol. So we got you covered on all fronts. [12.0]

[00:27:42] Then do you have to bring the car back to the point you’ve picked it up at all can you drop it off in say another. Go get spot. [5.5]

[00:27:48] You have to bring the car back to the same place where you pay it. I know. Yep. Our is such that it’s you know when you swipe out it’s already ready for the next number to use. [10.5]

[00:27:59] So we’ve got companies couple of things. First of all the back story. I gather it started with two people with a very bright idea in a suburb of New South Wales. They actually borrowed a car for the purpose of getting people interested in it. They put it on display and said Would you like to share this. Is that is that actually is that folklore or is that actually the way it happened. [24.1]

[00:28:24] You know what that that is actually true love. Our two founders were Nick and Bruce and they started the service as Newtown karsch up and up in Sydney. You’re absolutely right the cat out the bag now. [14.0]

[00:28:38] They actually borrowed a car and made it available to a handful of mates. That was in 2003. In 2004 we made our way down to Melbourne and in all honesty it’s been a story of growth ever since then. We’re now knocking on the door of 100000 members around 2300 vehicles nationwide. [22.4]

[00:29:01] That’s terrific. What about our overseas manufacturers dying off this model. Anybody trying to crash the party. [7.3]

[00:29:09] Well listen you know cautio isn’t a unique phenomenon to Australia. It exists in other parts of the world and in many different shapes and forms and shapes and we work closely with manufacturers on the ground. As you can imagine with a fleet of 2300 vehicles. So we work closely with them. [21.7]

[00:29:31] Great. So do you get involved jump online go get dot com dot you I’d imagine that’s it. [6.0]

[00:29:38] That’s a good idea. [1.0]

[00:29:40] Thanks very much. [0.7]

[00:29:47] I go so far. Well key is. [2.1]

[00:29:50] Key is and key is I know what’s your special show. We did. We’ve just done. Go get which I think is ridesharing and carsharing. I think it’s absolutely the way the future you guys switched on you can just tell they’re going take over the world and a man who’s already done that from a motoring point of view right here in this country. He’s an icon. We love him. His name is Joel Helms. Hi Joel. [19.0]

[00:30:10] Hello guys. We got to talk to you John. You’ve been driving a car that we are rather fond of in this next awards. So do I it’s it’s such a good car and it’s not the casting. No it’s not. But tell us Joel that you agree with us. I hope you do. I hope you didn’t drive into the thing. Oh well that was a big letdown wasn’t it. [16.8]

[00:30:28] I you know no I don’t know. [3.2]

[00:30:32] There are elements of this car that you’ll see 500 H which I really really like. [4.4]

[00:30:37] So this is the Lexus elsi 500. This is might be where the difference is because we haven’t driven the hybrid yet. This might be what the thing is about. Yes yes. [8.7]

[00:30:46] So this is the six Petrel with the electric motors sort of similar to what you’d find in a Prius. [6.5]

[00:30:53] Yeah it’s like a Prius drive except there I should say. Right. I haven’t driven the bike. So I you know I can only go off on this one. I did 261 kilowatts 348 meters. [14.6]

[00:31:08] Not a lot not a lot of talk is there exactly but plenty of power and a 10 speed auto. Hundred ninety thousand dollars. I like that. I respect that. But I didn’t love it. And I think two weeks after driving the f type with the supercharged B6 for about the same money chalk and cheese I suppose in a couple of different ways. The Lexus is more of a tour and it would be a lovely vehicle to chew up some big gains on the highway. But I know you something about it. That’s just it just didn’t it didn’t fit me like I like your shirt. It was just one size too small or too large. [37.5]

[00:31:45] And is this the cabin or the layout of it or the design or is it simply the motor drive down the drive train. [7.1]

[00:31:53] It’s a brilliant car and I’ve never in terms of styling I’ve never driven a car that has got as much attention on the roads as this car. [7.9]

[00:32:01] And you pull into a service station guys come out and look at it. It really turns out it’s it’s an amazing looking car. But no problem with the styling the interior is superb. It is. It is absolutely beautiful. It is the one I had was let down a little bit it had really like brown sort of tan interior here which is not my style at all. [22.9]

[00:32:24] I didn’t like that and it reflected too much onto the windscreen for my liking as well. It’s a light colour. Yeah. [5.1]

[00:32:31] The other things about it I mean the technology is all very good. The big screens all that sort of stuff. The ride is superb. The steering is as good as you’d find on anything. [7.9]

[00:32:40] But it’s the petrol hybrid powertrain which which lets it down in my in my opinion especially when you said it’s it’s kind of Prius like that does not have to be expected from the elsi phone either. If if anyone is listening if you haven’t actually seen this car go to the behind the wheel website and have a look. It is really as Joel said incredibly I can’t it’s stunning. [22.0]

[00:33:02] Go to a Lexus. You’ve got to see one of these things in the flesh because only pictures even quite do it justice. It looks good in pictures but in the metal it’s just I’ve never had a car that has so many kind of finger and face. It’s all over the window when you come back to it after parking. That’s right. I’ve got to say the experience in the V8 Jolie elsi 500 which is the same price as a hybrid 350 one kilowatts 570 new meters. I reckon that’s where it’s at because the engine is the same as the engine it’s in the rcf which I know you’ve spent some time in and I’m sure you’d agree it’s a beautiful motor It sounds great and hooked up to that 10 speed automatic. It went like a rocket but it sounded like nothing sounded like a Formula One car didn’t it. The way it kind of flew up over the years just incredible. [44.2]

[00:33:46] And while not being the fastest car anyone ever driven does something enormously satisfying about there was a bit of animal in it but yet it was still the gentleman cruiser all the same time. [10.1]

[00:33:57] I reckon it’s a hybrid aag it’s the precint and it is really you know I call people like braces. [4.0]

[00:34:02] Yeah exactly. And I think well I think I think it works better in a car like the Prius as well. [4.8]

[00:34:07] You’re not driving it for performance their invitations are not there for it to be sporty car or an exciting drive. And if you’re saving fuel then you’re really happy. But in this case you know you walk up to it you think of wow things all going to be awesome and you get in it and it’s switching from petrol to electric. It’s a little bit of a shudder sometimes when it switches and wonder the other sounds or you know it’s saying that if you put your foot to the floor and that six engine kicks in it you know it’s a quick car and if you turn the traction control off like I didn’t put it up in sport I just mowed it wants to get. [33.7]

[00:34:41] She wants to get wild in the rear end. [1.9]

[00:34:43] You’re a rebel and a revolutionary. Yes all of no. [3.8]

[00:34:48] It’s just it’s just missing. Something and it’s just a little bit a little bit like a square peg in a round hole. In a way and I’m looking for what I’m gonna try and get into on the V.A. because I do it if I get to spend this amount of money. [11.7]

[00:35:00] And also you know fuel economy not great as well. [2.7]

[00:35:02] Ten and a half litres which That’s amazing because we were getting that in the very beginning that in the future. Yeah exactly. That’s incredible. Go get the V8 I think is the key. But in the meantime everyone else go to the website behind the wheel you read joelle’s Fascinating a review and you can check out our video we got a video up of the V8 version. So right behind the wheel dot com that I use. I will chat next week. Thanks man. [20.5]

[00:35:23] Thanks guys. And now we’re going to leap into a key of Rondeau. And you know it’s going to be mental. Simon lies behind the wheel so I’m hi. [7.8]

[00:35:32] Hello. So tell us about your kid Rondo experience. [3.9]

[00:35:36] Sounds well I have a thing in its tail like the one that Chris show. But yes it’s nonetheless another here. And like we said last week we talked about the soul. You know he has really got their game together. [12.8]

[00:35:50] You know we have a really good thin finish right across the board no matter whether it’s the cheapest car the most premium car you can be guaranteed that you get value for money. And just a nice construction in whatever car you get. What is a Rondeau. Well it’s a very strange car actually because it comes in a fire setter which is what I drove but also comes in a set and see the people mover. It’s not really a people mover sizes like a small car that you can fit seven seats in and I don’t know how they do that in there. And it’s not really a station wagon either and it’s not an SUV. So it’s one of those things that you know kind of sits on its own. [37.4]

[00:36:28] I think I’ve seen some earlier versions of this car. Tell me am I right. It was kind of dumpy and gloomy and a little forlorn. [8.1]

[00:36:37] Yeah I guess I guess you could describe it as being like that it probably isn’t so bad anymore. But yeah if you compare you know all the other cars in the range is not the most inspiring you know the most attractive. [13.0]

[00:36:51] Having said that like I said you know a kid comes with all the stuff that you can expect of it. Yeah it covers all the bases. The fire said it I had it comes in at 27000. So you get quite a bit of kit in for a good price too. [15.2]

[00:37:06] Yes yes. And my comment about the look was these days kids are so stylish and so smart. And the ones I’ve seen but they of course were earlier generations. But I suppose it’s got to be kind of the odd shape because if you’re going to get seven seats in here it wouldn’t wouldn’t work. [14.1]

[00:37:21] I my question would be yes. Well number one how much extra is the seven seat up. [3.9]

[00:37:25] Oh that one’s about 31 grand. [2.1]

[00:37:27] OK so you’re looking at an extra premium of three or four grand. Why would you spend 27 grand on a five seat version when it looks like it does. That’s what I get who’d buy that. [7.9]

[00:37:35] Yeah. I mean I think the seven seats is the thing that would probably sell it. You know that that’s what differentiates it from the other vehicles you know because you do get more capacity even though the car is very big. If you want to try to that together sit down right. [17.0]

[00:37:53] Yeah. It’s based on the serrato Yeah. [1.8]

[00:37:55] Yeah. I believe so it’s got a two litre petrol engine six speed support with it. It does quite well. I find just like the key is that we drove last week. The performance is better than you expect. It’s not so baggy. The steering is really light and very smooth maybe not so smooth as a sole but still nice and smooth and has three steering modes in the sport and comfort as well. So you’ve got a bit of a choice there. Some other features that are worth mentioning. It has speed limits a cruise control a small display screen but it is a touch screen which is good and there’s a rear view camera as well. So like I said it does have all the things that you know the necessities that you need. [41.0]

[00:38:36] Right. OK. Well look. Go go to the website behind the wheel dot com dot you check out the review there make up your own mind see if Pete is right. Maybe it is the dumbest thing if you just go back-pedalling earlier model I think these days it would look good especially if it’s based on the serrato which is a car absolutely loves right is great. It’s a great drive of little car. I can’t imagine with this being sort of you know sort of having that higher centre of gravity in that higher roof line. You would imagine it would handle as well as a cerrado is that a fair assumption on. [28.6]

[00:39:06] Well of course not. But like I said it’s still surprising you know it doesn’t feel like it’s to be or lumbering it it just drives really well even like to solve. I mentioned last week that one doesn’t look like it’s a good performer being kind of square and boxy. But yeah they both go really well right. [17.3]

[00:39:23] Good work. Does it have a big trunk. [1.7]

[00:39:27] Well not huge but you know you can fit a decent amount in I found there’s quite a lot of the floor storage in there. It’s the middle row of seats as well they’re all moving independently of each other doesn’t move in in one rows so you can actually adjust them accordingly. And in the middle seat falls down to reveal like a tray table and cup holders so there’s a lot of versatility there. [21.3]

[00:39:48] And what about. If you’re looking around for the button to release the hood who’s that is out there somewhere. [4.9]

[00:39:54] Yeah the usual place I think. [1.7]

[00:39:56] Excellent. Didn’t bat an eyelid. You didn’t go into this product review. Simon just to stay there we have to stay right there. [5.4]

[00:40:07] Get ready review time for right make them all drinks more accessories if you need anything for your car. [5.6]

[00:40:13] These are the guys to go and see you can get them on line albrecht’s dot com dot you look alloy wheels. I know you drive a European car and I know European makers tend to put brake discs on their car that somehow softer and a dusty in our wheels get dirty so easily these days believably fast unbelievably fast. And they’re a pain in the proverbial to get clean. You’ve got to get there with your toothbrush in your. No actually you don’t. Not if you get yourself a bottle of the car plan ultra wheel cleaner. You can buy it in a 500 mile spray bottle basically sprayed on it deals with all the baked on break dust and road grime in a quick time. You don’t even have to scrub it. You just hose it off. And the best bit. It’s only nine dollars ninety nine. You can see reviews at it at the website see how it works behind the wheel. Dot com got you once we’ve convinced you and realize why are we so highly recommend car plans ultra a wheel cleaner. Kind of the old tricks website and buyers have a bottle for 999 all tricks dot com. I go. [1:08.5]

[00:41:23] Back to Simon are you still there. Yeah. OK. You didn’t bite. Let’s bring in Rachel Rachel Franco. Welcome back to behind the wheel. [7.3]

[00:41:30] How are you going guys. I just have to say. Lovely. So great Chris. [4.8]

[00:41:35] Thank you. He was great with big big help there. I was happy to help but hope with a good reference. Do you do you like do you like chances. [6.9]

[00:41:43] I don’t like chatty but I love schatz’s right. [4.0]

[00:41:48] Yes. Where are we going. Yea but most people I’m sure of not apart from maybe sign it. [4.6]

[00:41:54] We’re talking about American vs. everyone else right. [4.2]

[00:41:58] It’s only an allergy. It’s Trump versus the world. It is really. Oh yes. [4.4]

[00:42:03] You know in automotive terms it’s it’s a it’s a good representation. [4.4]

[00:42:08] So you get you get upset when people say trunk as opposed to boot. [4.2]

[00:42:13] Yeah I just find it really it’s probably just me but I actually find it really annoying. I watch a lot of for those of you who don’t know watch a lot of television and I watch a lot of that. [10.8]

[00:42:24] And so if somebody somebody calls a BONETA hood you just don’t like it. [3.6]

[00:42:29] I don’t get it. And I think about it and it doesn’t really make much sense either. [5.3]

[00:42:35] No no of course not. But I think when you’ve grown up using certain terminology I can remember as a kid watching a lot of like American sitcoms you know Knight Rider and all that sort of stuff all those sort of shows I never quite understanding what they were talking about when they’d say you got to put it in the trunk in the hood. [18.6]

[00:42:54] Do you remember the first time you heard someone say fanny on American TV the first time I heard I was like grandma’s house and I felt like I can feel it all over. My goodness. Were you like a fanny pack. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. I must say that I find trunk are not quite as offensive as I find Frank which is what tessler used for their trunk that just on it. Yeah. Sort of like all the frank spelled F R U N drunkery business yes. Okay well I’m not quite sure it was going downhill fast. My is making up. No it’s true it’s true. You go to any test function go and speak to our mate Heath and he’ll go come and have a look at my trunk and he’ll open the bottom of the test. Excuse me no I will not understand exactly. No I think you put that away. [52.4]

[00:43:46] Now the thing say there is there are so many words that have been that have been kind of brought into life by the automobile industry. [7.9]

[00:43:54] For each one of those things that stick out the side of the steering column you know the ones for instance you know we had the challenge last week of what the hell it was called the beer garden or the Renault Clio Zen with that has that lovely thing hidden behind the steering wheel in your cards. It really is. It sort of said it was like an indicator stalk but it’s not really just a fact fat kind of Stumpy. It’s a it’s a lamp with buttons on assignments for me with those red things. What do they call time. [28.6]

[00:44:23] Well I have and I just I just say as a stalker story. [2.8]

[00:44:26] Let’s just talk. All right so his daughter’s high school. That’s correct. Oh this is great. So many of you have your pet hates with what Americans say. [14.0]

[00:44:40] Yeah. One of the big ones that annoys me is when they say gasoline and of course they saw that gas. So I’m going to fill my car gas that makes sense. [7.1]

[00:44:48] No you’re quite right. [1.4]

[00:44:50] Do you want someone to where they call you know the longer car like a sedan where you got more stories in this in a state the bloody arrogant. [8.6]

[00:44:59] Yes that’s it’s more of a European type thing though isn’t quite English in a state. But yeah I suppose it all adds to the to the romance the aura of cars the mystique. So I suppose that they have to keep on coming up with new new words new phrase my gauged glamorous in station wagon. [17.2]

[00:45:16] Well yes sir. [0.9]

[00:45:18] What it is they really I think when you start making up names for stuff then it just gets really confusing for everyone. You really don’t know what it is that you’re talking about. [8.6]

[00:45:27] Yeah that’s true. I don’t know. I’m just a purist. [3.0]

[00:45:30] I think you’re marvellous whatever it is. Now put your fanny pack on and get out. Thanks Frank. Thanks guys. Thanks. Thanks. Bye bye. [12.2]


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