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Pete, Chris and the team are back for car podcast 463

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It’s concept cars and dogs on this episode of the Behind the Wheel Car Podcast – with a few car reviews and a bit of stupidity thrown in!

Adam Davis from BMW Australia has got details for us on a couple of rather stunning new concept cars launched last week at Pebble Beach Concourse DÉlegance – including the all-new BMW Z4 & the return of the 8 Series.

We’ll also find out if we’re going to see an M8 – yep, the Maaaaaate – which should go well here in Australia!

We’ve had a couple of very different cars in the Behind the Wheel Garage this week – Pete’s been driving the new edition of Renault’s Clio, Chris has had the keys to the updated BMW 440i.

Joel Helmes wants to chat Kia – in particular, a car that is far too often over looked, the Kia Optima GT. Joel also has info on the highly anticipated Kia Stinger which lands in Australia in the next few weeks.

Rachel Franco join us to discuss the best cars for dogs. A recent US Study has named a few good ones – we’ll drill down to come up with a definite list for the Australian market, you can be sure all bases will be covered!

Last year’s Deni Ute Muster was a huge, muddy success. Vicky Lowry, GM of the Deni Ute Muster joins us with details on the big 2017 event, which is only a few weeks away with a forecast this year for no rain.

One of the top trending news stories this week from is about a new naming system from Audi that is supposed to make it easier to distinguish one model from another – not sure if they’ve quite pulled that off, you can decide for yourself.

All that and a whole lot more on this edition of Behind the Wheel – come on, get downloading!

Behind the Wheel Car Podcast Episode 0464 Transcript:

[00:00:04] Prestigious money shows and don’t want to be a combination really you could not you couldn’t beat them. I love the cause and I love a lot of shows. And dogs don’t do it because it just works for you. I’d rather be with you all the time. [14.1]

[00:00:18] They don’t say a lot of the family if you want to say the best one is the behind the wheel. I you right now because in our last DVD is Vosper the one the dog and in fact he seems to get last word on the cause. [11.4]

[00:00:29] We’re reviewing these days and can do it like nobody else sees. [3.7]

[00:00:33] I think the most individual unique motoring journalist in the country at the moment he absolutely is and what I love about Vibe via the Wonder Dog is he looks singularly unimpressed by anything that the car industry can can bring out to try and dazzle him. He looks at it as if to say no not in the slightest bit interested a tip for the manufacturers to come into this country. [22.0]

[00:00:55] If they hide a trait somewhere within the interior of the car. You might you might get a better result. [6.0]

[00:01:02] That’s a very good idea. Look the smell is just a little bit over the top for most motorists. But vite will absolutely do. [6.7]

Goodbye from BMW. He’s going to Collina in the next few minutes. He’s got some great details on a couple of cars we spoke of last week of two of the stars from BMW the new z4 roadster and the 8 series. We’ve got some details on that including a version of the new series that’s coming that I think will be well extremely popular here in Australia. [20.5]

[00:01:31] Absolutely because it’s them. Am I right. And there are many boys in Munich would have sat around the conference table were now coming up. I’m going all this will go well in Australia. Well. Well the thing is if you’re on social media you know that might is always a capital with an eye through it. And so they have taken their cues from snap chat and away we go. So we’re getting lots of news about that. We’ve had a couple of really rather different cars and the behind the wheel Gara just like they have in day now I’ve been driving a version of Renault’s Clio and I know that the Clio is a very important part of the Ryno range in Australia and this is the lightest version of the Clio Zen. ROCCA It’s an interesting night. Yes and it’s beautiful and very relaxed. Well it’s it isn’t actually it’s not bad. You have to close your legs in a funny sort of. Oh no. And you go home and your fingers just like oh my no it’s good actually and it’s it’s idiosyncratic is I’ll give you that. It is French. Well sort of but I’ll tell you about that when we come to review. [1:02.2]

[00:02:34] I’m not going to tell you about just a gorgeous car. It’s going to BMW badge on it. It’s the 440. Which of course is essentially a three series coupe. Under the bonnet a beautiful twin two by six cylinder one. Gotta love this car. Anyway Joel Helms he’s been well driving is the kia optima. Of course that’s a really striking looking car. [20.9]

[00:02:55] I loved the optima. It’s a cracking car I haven’t driven one for a little while. Yes it has. Look it’s been around for a little while but it’s a good car and it comes with that traditional Kia finish quality finish. Lovely long warranty. [14.6]

[00:03:10] I have to servicing all those things we like and Gelles also got more details on the incoming casting. The most important car I think for ever and a car that everybody seems to be excited about. I can’t tell you how many people keep asking me about it and I must say I’m finding it surprising that a car with a k a badge on it can be kind of generating this much interest. [19.4]

[00:03:29] It’s amazing it really is and it’s it just goes to show how much people loved in the day the Commodore and the Falcon but they love is now transferring to a new model. [9.6]

[00:03:39] So you’re wrong right now right. I mentioned Doug she’s going to join us for a big chat about the best cars for dogs. We’ve had a U.S. study out telling us what you think. So the definitive Australian list if you’ve got a dog you need to. We’ll give you the list of cars that you need to have any garridge to Michael. The most important member of the family is comfortable. [19.1]

[00:03:58] Yes I think that’s a very good thing. Also I’ve just worked out I’ve worked at Chiclets about that you’re wearing today you’re getting the mood and the Blondie’s you’re getting in the mood for the. You must of which is one of the greit the great events on the calendar every year. [14.5]

[00:04:13] Your thoughts on the amount the wife Vicki Larry general manager of the Disney master joins us shortly. [4.1]

[00:04:17] The changes being made the miserables he gives leave for 2018 have been revealed for the moment making its debut at weekend in China now known as the Ghibli grand Love Lucy. [9.7]

[00:04:27] I think M.I.T. is still making a big changes under the bonnet or inside it’s all about new technology led by the inclusion of the active driver assistance system Maserati side this allows the brand to into the world will miss driving. Aston Martin is enjoying the benefits of increased global sales in British sports car maker who has seen some pretty dark periods over the years as just reported a profit for the first half of 2017. [26.4]

[00:04:54] Obviously Thirty two million dollars the result is a marked improvement on the one hundred and twenty eight point million dollar loss suffered in the same period last year. Across the first half of this global sales volume for astand increased by a whopping 67 percent sales are also up in Australia increasing by 24 percent on the same period last year. Well from humble beginnings Volkswagen has gone on to be the world’s biggest motoring powerhouse. Sure there’s been the odd stumble along the way but now eight years after the first Volkswagen rolled off the production line. The company has just built its 150 million vehicle. Wow. The milestone ka built quite fittingly at the Wolfsburg plant was a plug in hybrid Volkswagen Golf GTA. Of the 150 million Volkswagens built the golf and Batal are now around neck and neck each totaling around 34 million cars. Will Volkswagen have finally unveiled the rock a car designed to compete with the likes of Toyotas CII and Mazda see x3. Volkswagen said the models ready to go into production and the first European deliveries will commence in November. The five say Tehreek will be available in front wheel in all wheel drive and promises snappy sporty dimensions outside and great functionality inside standard safety features in the new offering will include emergency braking and line keeping system. Now this is a tricky Sellery one of our favorites has made a name for itself after being consistently nominated as the most affordable new car to buy an iron. [1:22.2]

[00:06:16] The little Suzuki was a consistent winner of the various motor club assessments of the most frugal cars too but even its hip pocket friendliness couldn’t help but achieve enough sales to make it viable. Suzuki has tried to say they’ve suspended imports of this Azuki scenario after a run of disappointing sales results for the model. The decision might have been Asier when they only sold four of them in July. The only BMW M5 has been released in the region model adds the extra spice of all wheel drive first for the sport saloon BMW side the all wheel drive take enables the emphasized dynamic prowess to be experienced to even greater depth though it still has a re wheel drive bias and drivers can switch the system on or off. BMW confirmed power will come from an updated version of the manufacturer’s 4.4 later V8 engine. Now it’s hooked up to a light speed and you get four hundred and forty one kilowatts 750 Newton made. Which means 100 kind of flashes up 3.4 a second Wow and he reckon I might have the solution to making it easier for the average car buyer to make more sense of the different models. The new strategy say’s the traditional I want for Q to top model Nimes Remine. How are you going to add an extra couple of numbers to each car to show the power output of the engine. For example the new Audi 8 will be available as an 8 3 0 0 TSF high or is that 32 years. [1:20.7]

[00:07:38] That’s a spectrum of 9 initially range from the Audi I 125th saw. That’s going to have 70 kilowatts right up to the Audi I 55 TADS II which has of course 250 kilowatts. Now I’m more confused than I ever. [13.9]

[00:07:58] What you mentioned at the top of the show a couple of different causes in the behind it will get charged this way including paint that I don’t think you expected to like quite as much as you have right now. Klea the entry level Zain which I think kicks off at around about 20 grand. [14.8]

[00:08:13] Yes. Well the model I tested was 20000 $540 gak five door Hetch four cylinder 1.2 liter engine knowing that this will be you know this will be a bit lately. Yeah actually it can rip along quite nicely when you need it to sports automatic dual clutch Arcadius gearbox which can sometimes be a bit jerky it slows way. Well not so much that however puppet into reverse and you’re reversing up a hill up an incline and into a kind of space and you think wait why is the car running forward meant to be going backwards. Similarly in drive sometimes it’ll just roll backwards if it felt like it. Because I’m not sure why should you. I suppose it’s a bit like some of the Volkswagen models like can be a little bit like that as well. I didn’t bump into anything but I thought Oh my heavens why does sick. So you just need that extra foot to keep it on the brake where you go. However it’s going to hear it. It’s actually it was good fun. Finished pretty good. Very comfortable to drive. Extremely comfortable actually. A little carb. Sort of short wheelbase. It’s very nice. The savings very very nicely arranged if you’d like to take your golf clubs and of course I do. You’ll need to fall down one part of the back seat and you can get. I mean you’ve certainly got no trouble with that. It’s it’s you know I was thinking gosh this this is really and I said OK got a couple of little idiosyncrasies. [1:26.8]

[00:09:40] I mentioned the dual clutch there’s binnacle I think you’d call it something that sticks out from the steering column with some controls on it for the phone and things like that. Right. Only thing is it’s hidden right behind the steering wheel. And it’s you can’t see it when you’re driving. If the steering wheel is in the straight ahead position you cannot see it. So I’m not sure if you meant to read this thing by clairvoyance or it doesn’t seem to have any little tactile cues to let you know what it is. Right. So it could be anything from a control to a cruise control function or a line entering make. It is certainly a phone answering mechanism and a few other things. But you know if you open the door get their hands and there’s a loop behind the steering wheel to work all that out. So it’s a bit unusual. It’s got you know it hasn’t got the largest entertainment screen I’ve ever seen but it works quite well except I didn’t find the phone connectivity particularly intuitive that McCardle little doing it. But look that said it’s it’s a great car. No wonder you know clothes are popular with short because it’s not to get around. You mentioned is it French. Well yes it is except that the company is of course aligned with a big Japanese company so it’s Nissan and Renault and and the cars made in Turkey so you get a bit of an international flavor there. But it’s very nice and it looks really nice looking car looks very bumpy and bright. It’s not the same size as the VW Polo and they are twins. [1:31.2]

[00:11:12] It’s about the Yaris ish sort of size about that size outside in that class which you bought. I haven’t actually thought about it in comparison with the others. I must say it was nice to putter around. I’ll give you that very noncommittal as always. Thank you very much. Yes. We can’t take sides too much and the divide can wait. [16.2]

[00:11:29] Well I’ve been driving a car. I would absolutely buy a beautiful BMW the 440. Of course as I mentioned it’s essentially a three series coupe. So I look I mean it can be taught to get in and out of but it’s all about the way it looks and it really does have a presence on the ride like very few cars snaps heads and it’s come in this amazing color. It’s sort of an aqua turquoise sort of blue. It’s basically every time anyone’s come any nearer. All I talk about initially is the color and then I point them to that beautiful twin turbo cylinder that’s under the bonnet. You know huge amount of power. Not to a hundred and 5.1 seconds it’s just a sensation to drive. It’s been of course in for a little bit of an update the full series has been around for a while so now I’ve got a fabulous new digital dash that’s very similar to what you get in a 7 Series BMW. It’s got me. I draw six controllers I want replaced lists now with icons. Really intuitive. It’s got a great function where you can use Apple copperplate without a cord connection. So it’s Bluetooth. Apple can play. Right. So you just get in and immediately jump into the apple pie mode which makes life really very easy because of course then you’ve got Siri talking to you. [1:07.6]

[00:12:37] You don’t have to be careful though when you friends send you messages and Sirius’s can read them to you and your mum’s in the car with you can you get a little testy with your friends. [7.5]

[00:12:46] It’s the ticks you send me anyway. But look you know it really is a beautiful car. Ninety nine thousand nine hundred dollars. Even so the standard spec as it comes out of the factory. You’d be wanting very little course it does compete with things like the Mercedes Benz C 43 which is much more raucous and sort of in-your-face or very elegant Audi as well which is one of my favorites as well. You have all three cars essentially do the same thing but with kind of different personalities that go about it differently. So I think it comes down to personal choice. But if you want some old school fun a beautiful rear wheel drive car with beautiful baby w design I think you’d be hard pressed to get past the 440. Guess you can say more behind the wheel but calm down. Time for a quick break and we’re back to talk more BMW concept. In fact with Adam Davis next. Well you talked a lot about the 20:17 Pebble Beach Concours show which featured some spectacular concept cars. It always does and I think the stand out would have to have been from BMW. A beautiful beautiful Zayde for concept along with an eight series BMW series concept cars I haven’t seen that for about what 12 15 years. [1:05.5]

[00:13:52] Here is a very long time. Must have been a bit more than that. Come [5.0]

[00:13:57] on I tell you what though it would be a great time to be involved with BMW because they’ve got some fantastic product coming to market. [7.5]

[00:14:05] They do indeed. To tell us a bit more about it. It’s a big behind the wheel welcome to Adam Davis can I. Hey Guy. [5.0]

[00:14:10] Good you guys it’s nice to be with you. [1.6]

[00:14:12] Thank you very much for joining us. Which of the cars that we’ve been talking about these glorious offerings coming from BMW. Would you like to have parked in Adam’s garage at home. [9.3]

[00:14:22] The I think you have that series concept. I just said it is a return to a famous name. [6.4]

[00:14:29] Pereira as part of that concept for us into the history of the old trolls a dying thing. But from the 1990s. But it’s an exciting time for us because the series concept is really demonstrating its future design direction for the brand and also to be able to show it at Pebble Beach alongside that news. For content which is a strong into the future production vehicle as well. Very exciting time for these two concepts are really at the top of that point. [32.2]

[00:15:01] Now the series it’s actually been confirmed it’s going to go into production maybe not exactly as we saw it in Pebble Beach but it does happen. [6.0]

[00:15:08] Yeah that’s right I think. I mean Chris you and I have talked about this before the decision of concept cars has been to be outlandish and create a bit of a spark for a brand that we’re finding with time and more recently things like we did a roadster concept that is now going to be seen in production form with the I rode there as well. In the next couple of years our concepts are becoming more true to what we want to see in production. So it gives you a strong hint about brand direction in the future. [30.5]

[00:15:39] I notice you mentioned that lighting is playing in a stronger part in styling which is true because you get in a car now and you think Goodness me I just hopped into a Wurlitzer organ from the 70s. But inside this is a light show of its very own and you know you’re bathed in purple light. Would you like it to be pink or green. Doesn’t matter. Just press the button and away we go. But I notice on the series that there’s lasers ultra slim headlights and ill shaped or I shape blade slides. How amazing is that. [29.0]

[00:16:08] Yeah it’s lighting signature the becoming a real stand up point for a lot of automotive brands and I think they add a bit of prominence and staff particularly in the night and particularly when you approach the car you can sort of show off what you’re driving and do a lot. But even at the production level obviously being involved with the Mini brand my company car my daughters insist on me getting the mini with the Pudu a lot. [28.5]

[00:16:37] And they change clothes here a lot depending on them. They wear bright pink at the moment in class. [6.5]

[00:16:45] Now that is how we roll. That’s what’s my point exactly. If he is spending money on a top quality car you might well be able to flaunt it if only the family can get ahead. [11.0]

[00:16:56] It’s a great idea. [1.2]

[00:16:58] We also talk about the interiors. I mean that serious crimes the biggest interesting point for me that I hope one day comes into production is that for us the crystals and our drive controller series concept. I think that’s a pretty premium touch as well. I’m [16.2]

[00:17:15] going to have a price tag like that clock me a Bentley will draw the brand clock for three hundred thousand dollars or is it just to me a trifle. [7.9]

[00:17:23] Let’s say again and I love the idea of the word cold. Barcelona gray liquid it sort of conjures up what it conjures up dollar signs. [8.8]

[00:17:32] Actually it doesn’t I don’t think it’s that it’s the iridescent pigments is my favorite. [6.2]

[00:17:39] The paint work as the car goes under a different light it provides a different sort of color shape and it’s amazing and it’s and it’s it’s all kind of wonderful fun and the thing is bringing these these new design elements these new things that nobody had ever thought of to the. It just advances you know who knows where cars are going or where designs going because every. Every few years it’s a whole new ballgame. [26.1]

[00:18:06] Exactly. And I think we are seeing a return to that really the bespoke styling to each different brand say you look at this for contempt for example and you know that returns a really prominent kidney grill that BMW is famous for sort of harks back to our past that also demonstrates the really exciting future I think come to that for a series I think Chris’s favorite connotation of the series is going to be an issue. [28.2]

[00:18:34] And I went by it sort of makes you think of Christmas parties doesn’t it. And I’ve always wanted to tell you. Exactly. That’s just the name. I don’t think it’s going to be floating out of too many Christmas but it’s. [16.4]

[00:18:52] Well I would say maybe in Germany where the connotation is a little bit different. [4.9]

[00:18:59] I did notice just before we let you go item 3 one of our favorite cars of course you can get it as a little electric car. You get a little rain and it looks like nothing else on the ride. Absolute looks like tomorrow doesn’t it. Now show it’s probably. I think it is the most popular electric car in the premium segment worldwide and very very it’s just been announced. [22.5]

[00:19:22] Yeah that’s it. So Frankfurt murder this ship in September is actually really messes up the candy for us. We have our combat cards. But we’re also going to show us several new production vehicles and the three and the new the made 3 s motor which is a sports version for the first time advisory three will be there as well. It’s a pretty exciting thing. Looks like a baby M-class may with the extra power of chicken stew. Impressive or that trick range as well say they’re not damaging the environment but perhaps having even more fun. [34.7]

[00:19:57] Wow. And is it still going to boast those those huge wheels that are skinny is. [5.7]

[00:20:03] Most bases use it but it would be more sporting by a decrease it or has it will have big wheels that you have a wider tire. [9.4]

[00:20:12] Well that is a bit more fun to be had in the corners I think. But it doing that environment. [5.5]

[00:20:19] Right well I know just the standard all three. It’s a really perky little thing. And in fact I think it takes most people by surprise when you first get your head you hit the gas on all the gas between the accelerator pedal and it’s like hold on you know where it goes. [13.2]

[00:20:32] It’s a wonderful car and so beautifully designed and I just love the the fit and finish of the bamboo interior doors that sort of open up the reveal the entire side of a car it’s just a really clever design. [12.8]

[00:20:45] Well as always you guys can goals. It’s great to see things like the Zayd for the series concept you can say pictures of them right now. I whips up behind the wheel dot com dot are you and won’t be long till you’ll be able to say the new three. They are of course revealed at Frankfurt in September. We’ll be watching with bated breath. Adam great to talk to you man and hi come back visit again soon. [19.0]

[00:21:05] Yeah sure. And we’ll see you at our entry launch shortly as well. [3.5]

[00:21:09] I’m looking forward to that. I can tell you the target has nine years. You like. I really don’t know how anyone would find out. Cool. Thanks bye. [8.2]

[00:21:17] And having to delete liquids because of course the 20:17 Danny master back for another year. And I’d suggest it’s going to be bigger than ever. Give us a bit of info. We’re going to go straight to the source. General Manager of the dinner master It’s the gorgeous Vicky Wolken welcome on the wheel. [16.2]

[00:21:33] Thank you. Thank you. And we look forward to having a very long time to party with us on the line for non-troll. They have to be here. [8.5]

[00:21:42] Right now I suppose the first question any long range weather forecasts. Is it going to be a month. [4.5]

[00:21:47] No it’s not going to be in. [1.0]

[00:21:50] And even if even if it’s fun to you it’s all there. [4.4]

[00:21:55] Well one last thing about that line up here we’re going to mix it up a bit with the long lines where the forecast is one of the things that we look out there like perfect weather we see now the line up. [13.6]

[00:22:09] I got to say it’s going to be really hard to top last year’s lot to be had some huge iconic act of who can we expect to see. [7.6]

[00:22:17] OK we did have we did have John Tunick ex-officers here with my line up. He got some more. We have more on the mind. It’s not too common sight not all. Not that we need to come across that whole thing like going out with the heat the pool party atmosphere with with the best of a strange country line up seven like six nine and a total of 24. Is that the way to 12. No. [29.8]

[00:22:48] That’s huge. [0.7]

[00:22:50] Some of the big names we have Lake County sell at. [3.2]

[00:22:54] 20 million is not a it it feels like any start in a couple of dozen books. [5.2]

[00:23:01] It was actually one of our very first look back on our non-knowledge. [5.2]

[00:23:07] It’s still going strong and still in the Australian institution much like the master itself. Look I was at a show the other night. It was a it was a kids show and on stage they did a little sketch about everyone get on the boat and off to the Donny you must do and I thought it’s everywhere. [16.0]

[00:23:23] You just can’t escape it is there. And we got Simon you have Klein and I had the whole time. [11.5]

[00:23:37] We don’t know how many people do expect to say the 20:17 dinner. [4.5]

[00:23:41] It must up waking up to each time we get up to 20000 people. [6.6]

[00:23:48] That’s a lot of people said that would what. Pretty much double triple quadruple the size of Deniliquin over the weekend triple. [8.3]

[00:23:58] We’ve got our correspondents Monnie and we’ll they’ll be there with the video camera. Good luck. Thanks so much for your time. Figi Larry general manager of the Denney master 20:17 thank you very much. [10.4]

[00:24:09] All right time to head to the busiest man in muttering we’re lucky to get him because he’s not alone. She’s at a lunch with the general manager or he’s analyzing some new product from some far flung place that is from some prestigious manufactor you never know what he got to get up with Joel Helm’s which is why we’ve got him get a job. [18.1]

[00:24:28] Hi guys. Very well thank you. [1.3]

[00:24:29] Excellent. Now I believe we’ve been having a bit of a look at the key Optima GTC this week. [6.6]

[00:24:36] You had it had it last week dropped about a couple of days ago and now we just quickly mentioned that last week. Yes. But I know you guys have driven it but I don’t remember the optimal sounding is good as it sounds to a turbo engine it literally sounds like a V. [16.4]

[00:24:53] See that’s bizarre now. [1.1]

[00:24:54] Could it be a Aspa is a synthesized sound is it Fyke or is what do you make by the sound of it. [6.2]

[00:25:01] I’m not sure I don’t believe so either way. It’s a it’s a real surprise packet because right. Oh it really is. I mean it’s a medium sized car but if you’re used to a large car you’re not going to be looking for any space. I mean the room. I’ve got the Jagex if this work and no joke about the that came up demurs a size down in classification it’s got more recently crime than the big Jack. I’m just it’s just such a good all round car and it’s sporty and it sounds good as well. And people should definitely give it a go get a look at it. [34.7]

[00:25:36] So what do you believe. You know something like a Commodore or a falcon which are a traditional lodge cause you probably looking at one maybe two centimeters a difference in actual space actual real literally space in the back seat. [11.8]

[00:25:48] I think the only area where you might find that the large cars is larger is in with Kevin which I don’t think that that there’s any more room in the back. And as you say maybe a centimeter but not very much if it’s just a person who’s going to buy a sedan. Then you’ve got to get the care a look at something although it isn’t the freshest thing in the window. [19.5]

[00:26:08] It’s it’s a it’s just a wheel sort of car and with the doors making of care of course what we’re about to say the onslaught I think all we’re going to hear about is over the next couple of months because the stinger is almost here. I believe an October release. Now this is a prop a large car re wheel drive and all wheel drive configurations and I think the idea is from Kay’s point of view anyway that it’s going to take the place left by the Commodore and Falcon I think absolutely. [25.7]

[00:26:34] And if not actually grow the segments it is not a it is not a Falcon or a comet. Let’s be honest. The Falcon hadn’t changed and it was it was way out of date in the last two years of its existence the comet or perhaps the sun was still a good car but I don’t think it was anything to eat. You know you had to drive and you had to run. But I think the stinger is a completely different thing again. I think it’s going to and I’ve seen it already it’s captured the public’s attention and all of a sudden a brand like Hyundai did a couple of years ago it becomes an aspirational brand in a way it’s a brand. People were actually you know I’d love to get their hands on a stinger. Yes. And I think that’s a tremendous business story. [39.6]

[00:27:13] And how far they’ve come in in recent years and I know that that was the corporate strategy for Korea certainly in other markets like the United States did have it become an aspirational brand of a time rather than being something that you think was cheap and cheerful. [13.3]

[00:27:27] Well I mean let’s do a poll between the three of us. Put your hands up if we haven’t driven it yet but who’d love to have a stinger in the sense fabulous let us know why. [8.7]

[00:27:36] Got an invite to the launch and it’s the most excited that I have a good word. I never thought we’re up to one of my favorite bits. In fact I think it is our favorite bit of the show every week when we get to talk to our favorite gal and it’s going to be even more special this week because we’re talking dogs as well. Here she is despite your friend got her right eye guy. [18.3]

[00:27:54] They go in. [0.5]

[00:27:55] Would you be considered the crazy the crazy dog lady I’m on the way to being a bit of both. [5.6]

[00:28:01] I quite like events. I love dogs. I could go either way at this point. [4.7]

[00:28:06] OK. But the reason we’re asking about this. I think we need to move on cause you say to greit least out of the US about the best cause for dogs in the best cars to transport around. And we think we need a definitive strategy and. Well we’ve had our heads together and on our right you’ve had a couple of really great is about the best cars available in the Australian market right now that will suit your right spot. Brian if you will. [27.5]

[00:28:35] Dave whatever you want to call your dog and bearing in mind the cause we nominate today we’ll all gloriously have those lovely nose marks on the windows. It’s just a mask. It shows that the dog is in good health it’s got a nice shiny moist nose that likes to share it with every window and every cowards a big name. That’s exactly right. And you’re always write. [20.7]

[00:28:56] Well I know that I am very much on the Seabury bandwagon a lot but I looked at quite a few different mid size small to mid size days. And realistically I think the first just from that perspective all the. Yeah. Clearance from the ground it’s not too high but it’s not the way that the shape of the back area the Bay Area I think really runs itself. So having it isn’t quite a big deal in the back it’s very deep but it’s quite tall and square. [28.3]

[00:29:25] You’re doing things exactly. And when you open the the tile guy of course it reveals a very big hole that as you say he’s in two off the ground so it’s easy for you to just leap into. [10.8]

[00:29:36] Yeah absolutely. And I’d like to see he comes with the rubber sort of try that stuff. So it is easy to keep clean and I just think it can keep going. [8.6]

[00:29:45] Don’t you see Mary Forrest. It absolutely deserves to be on the list. You had a great idea too I thought. Well I’ve just finished driving the VW Golf all track station wagon station wagon essentially it’s a golf with a back put on it and it’s terrific it’s a terrific car because it’s got lots of room and like the forester it’s not too high for the dog to jump up into especially if it’s a no puppy dog like Viper. Yes. And it comes with its own car reviews. And you know he he managed to make it into and out of the VW quite happily and more by himself exactly by himself found it comfortable lots of room there and I think that’s a very good one for 34 490. It’s very hard to go past because it has that fantastic VW quality and it’s really good to draw if you’re on. [45.7]

[00:30:31] I saw what I thought over 30 grand I’ve got one that’s just a smidge under 27 not that would be the Nisson trial. And the reason it does get a gong from me is because I’m just side please. Nessen in fact put out a concept car just last year it was called the trial for dogs and it had a special Kemmerer in the back sort of area there in Chicago spice that would sort of display what the dog was doing in the back of the car on the screen that you see your reverse camera on off. What happens when the dog is a good idea. Love it. All right so if we need something bigger than those three Anything else on your list. [34.0]

[00:31:05] Well how about a Hyundai Hyundai Santa fibroids. Good value seven seater so you can call the kids around and the dog the puppy dog fluffy you warranty unlimited Cuyo lotsof Secondly and very good build quality and all that. Forty one 850. [14.2]

[00:31:20] Yep I think it is Jeep Grand Cherokee also which is worthy of a mention because robust if you want to take the dog to the top of Mount Kazia Oscar you can do this at two hundred miles an hour. [11.3]

[00:31:31] Exactly right. Fifty five thousand five hundred dollars. But I know of a couple of dogs that I’ve had in my life that have expensive heists it’s kind of like to get around in the lap of luxury which is why the Maserati Lavant high is on my list. A hundred and thirty nine thousand nine hundred ninety dollars is so you know it fits nicely with the Grand Cherokee as well. Well it does because I have a similar theme in the tainment system in some places. Yes. But the Maserati of course with this Italian heritage it’s great. So you can feed the dog prosciutto when kind of good to have Italian greyhounds in the back. Exactly. All Maremma Mortimer that dog will ever remember but anyway we’re heading down the road for your posh dog right. [46.9]

[00:32:19] I have to go see the Rangers autobiography a little. [2.5]

[00:32:22] Yes that’s a very you car right. [1.9]

[00:32:24] Oh absolutely. Starting from the 3:42. [4.0]

[00:32:29] You see them in one of the major capital cities. If you want to get a two bedroom in front of the capital cities in which has a Bentley been Tiger haven’t seen one of these things yet but they actually really want to if you have seen them you might want to run away. [18.3]

[00:32:48] You might have to end up living in it. [1.3]

[00:32:50] Well it’s called a V12 engine and 900 days of talks road trip so long as you would expect for 624 for the dollars and if you want to if you want to show her off skie Dick around the clock don’t you love them. All right. Who would live with that. Actually it’s a Breitling clock. It’s only another $300000. So you know so for a nice tidy maybe you’ve got a card that you as well will draw that looks like size might be a bit over by the time you put it a few more options. And Pedro and Roger the dog will love it. Wow. All right. [35.8]

[00:33:26] We shall leave for the definitive list of the best cars for dogs in Australia starting in 1979 to a million bucks. We’ve covered everything we have right. Right. So I think we’re out of time again right. Thank you very much. Come back again next week why. Well day for sure. Excellent. And a high next week on the show. We’ve got a big one the Subaru survey and I think what are you in the top of the one golf. [22.1]

[00:33:48] Yes that’s exactly what I mean and are fantastic cars. Love them. Tell me more about it next week. [4.8]


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