Behind the Wheel Podcast 492

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Make sure you’re close to a power socket for this episode of the Behind the Wheel automotive podcast.

There’s a lot of electricity involved, thankfully not as much as mining for BitCoin.

Pete will take you driving in 2018 version of the Toyota Prado. A car that at first may be hard to wrap your head around in a city environment. Pete gives his verdict on if it makes sense.

Joel has been at the launch of the all-new Volkswagen Polo. It’s grown considerably and is now the same size as a Golf from 10 years ago. Is the new Polo better than a Mazda2 or Toyota Yaris? Joel Helmes will give us the rub.

The Greens this week started a push to have all combustion engine cars removed from sale here in Australia by 2030. Behyad Jafari, CEO of the Electric Vehicle Council calls in with all the reasons he thinks it’s a great idea. Will it result in benefits for us all?

Rachel, inspired by a bloke who built a Toyota Camry out of Lego, wants to discuss her love affair with building things out of small plastic bricks – and is Pete into it too?

Simon Lai is back from overseas and is keen to talk Malaysian Drivers. How does a considerably larger population deal with congestion? Are they as angry as Aussie drivers?

Put your headphones in to block out that annoying co-worker… It’s Behind the Wheel time.

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