Behind the Wheel podcast 056

Behind the Wheel podcast 056

Behind the Wheel podcast 056 is ready to go!

Behind the Wheel podcast 056
2009 Renault Laguna review on this Behind the Wheel podcast.

On this Behind the Wheel podcast Paul Maric road tests and reviews the 2009 Renault Laguna.

This week we also look at what you should do if someone needs your help following a car accident.

Last week we spoke with Virginia Leafe from the Red Cross about the importance of CPR and First Aid training, this week Virginia returns with some basic info on what we should do in an emergency situation.

It could be info that saves a life.

The head of Mahindra in Australia, Claire Tynan is going to join us. Mahindra are Indian built commercial vehicles and the company is trying to get a foothold in the Australian market.

Recently representatives went on a huge road trip around the nation speaking directly with not only dealers but the people that have purchased their vehicles. We will find out what the feedback was and get an update on how Mahindra are doing.

The Global Green Challenge which was undertaken in recent weeks between DARWIN and ADELAIDE produced some really interesting fuel consumption figures.

For example a Holden Maloo ute used the most amount of fuel and emitted the most Co2 but actually returned the best results, we will explain that.

Troy Swindells-Grose has come up with some more interesting and entertaining car news of the weird and our Behind the Wheel Car Song of the Week comes courtesy of The Eagles.

All that and more on this Behind the Wheel podcast…

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