Behind the Wheel podcast 011

Behind the Wheel podcast 011

Behind the Wheel podcast 011 is ready to go!

Behind the Wheel podcast 011
On this Behind the Wheel podcast we look at what your car color choice says about you.

On this Behind the Wheel podcast we look back on some very interesting interviews we have had on the program in recent times.

We’re going to hear from Jon Hallal from NRMA insurance to look at driver distraction caused by gadgets such as mp3 players – for both drivers and pedestrians!

The motoring world was once dominated by men. Car ads were aimed at men and even the cars themselves were geared for male drivers.

But all that has changed in the past 20 years or so.

Now there are many aspects of the car world aimed at women and that makes sense because a lot of the time women are the ones who make the decisions on which car to buy, which insurance to have etc.

There’s a new automotive website aimed at the fairer sex and we will have a listen back to an interview we did with founder Melissa Pye soon.

Now is a really exciting time in the car world, the technological breakthroughs really are quite astounding.

One company that is really at the forefront of vehicle technology is BMW. The famous German brand has come up with some really interesting concepts including a car key that can also double as your mobile phone and credit card.

We will talk to Tim James from BMW about that on this Behind the Wheel podcast.

And I bet you have never thought about it but the colour of your car can make a big difference when it comes to visibility.

The NRMA in NSW has done some very interesting research on which colours are the safest and researcher Adam Mc Beth joins us to look at that.

Troy also has the latest car news of the weird for us!

All that and more on this Behind the Wheel podcast…