February 28, 2019
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Behind the Wheel podcast 002

Behind the Wheel podcast 002

Behind the Wheel podcast 002 is ready to go!

On this Behind the Wheel podcast we look at the new turbo-diesel 2008 Mazda6.

This week we chat with Carsguide Editor Karla Pincott about some interesting auto world news.

Street racing, it is becoming an increasingly large problem for Australian police, but how is best tackled? Vehicle confiscation? License and registration cancellations? How do help prevent more loss of life in illegal street race crashes?

Our road safety expert Russell White has a few ideas, we will hear what Russell thinks on this Behind the Wheel podcast.

And Glenn Butler from Mazda also appears this week. Mazda has a new diesel version of the popular mid-sized Mazda6, we will find out all the details from Glenn.

As always we check the mailbag and get your feedback on the open line.

All that and more on this Behind the Wheel podcast

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