A Beginner’s Guide To Driving

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Do you remember how driving a car was a mind-boggling thing? The thought of driving a car seemed a far-fetched idea.

You would see someone driving a car and imagine they are made of something else.

It even seemed more complicated while seated on the co-driver’s seat. However, when you finally sat behind the wheel how did it feel? Doable right?

In this article, you will learn the various tips you need to master the art of driving.

To begin with, driving a car comes down to two parts; acquainting yourself with the car and mastering the basics.

Acquainting Yourself With the Car

Once you get into the car, the first thing you have to ensure is that your sitting position is comfortable and that you are able to access all the controls from that position.

Adjust your seat so that you are able to hold the steering wheel comfortably.

You should also ensure that you are able to access the foot pedals with ease.

Be sure that your position will allow you to drive for long hours without hurting your back and neck.

Adjust the side mirrors for ease of accessibility. While driving, one should focus all their attention on what is oncoming and any glance taken away from the road should be swift.

Ensure your mirrors are positioned in such a way that you take the shortest time glancing at them. Avoid positions where you will strain.

Familiarize yourself with the gear or the shift stick. Learn how it functions. Learn what to engage to go forward, reverse and to park.

For instance, if the shift is engaged to drive, the car moves forward, while the reverse, the car will reverse, while the park is for parking.

Know the basics of the dashboard. The dashboard is the main component to communicate with the car.

Understand what the different lights and labels on the dashboard mean.

Mastering the Basics

At The Capital Driving School, they put strong emphasis on getting the basics right from the onset of your driving lessons. Knowing the basics involves;

  • Put on your seat belt. The first rule ones you get into a car is to put on the seat belt. Ensure it’s well fastened and that you are comfortable without any constraints to moving freely.
  • Step on the brake pedal. The second thing is to step on the brake pedal. Most cars, especially automatic ones will only start if the driver has stepped on the brakes.
  • Ignite the car. Insert the key in the ignition and turn to turn on the car. Be sure to hold the key in its turned position until you hear the car come to life then you can release.
  • Disengage the parking or handbrake. While parked, the handbrake is always engaged to ensure that the car remains stationary. It is therefore important to identify the parking brake and disengage it.
  • Engage the necessary gear. While your foot is on the brake, engage the right gear. For instance, drive to go forward or reverse to go backward.
  • Hold the steering with both hands. This is the most important part. Your hands should be holding the steering wheel at three and nine o’clock positions at all times. Finally release the brake, then gently step on the gas pedal. The car will move in your desired direction. Use the steering wheel to control the car to move in the right direction.

This article is based on an automatic car and hence, if your desire is to drive a manual one you should consider getting further instructions on using the stick shift.

However, the other basics are the same. With the determination and will, one can learn how to drive with ease.

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