Barry Sheene RGB500 For Sale

Barry Sheene RGB500 For Sale

The Heron Suzuki RGB500 Barry Sheene rode in 500cc GPs in 1983 is up for sale – on eBay!

Just £150,000 will get you this piece of motorcycling history, and the seller will ship the bike to you by air, sea or road freight (not to Australia I hope) from Cheshire in England.

Barry Sheene RGB500 For SaleThe RGB500 has a square four, 500cc two stroke powerplant, disk-valve induction, full floater rear suspension and leading caliper, anti-dive front forks. It was amazing technology in its day.

This particular bike took Sheene to an uncharacteristic 14th place in the championship that year, and it was handed over to teammate Mick Grant at the end of the season.

Grant won the Macau GP on the bike and took second place at the North West 200.

The bike was then sold by the Heron team at the end of the 1984 season. It has had several owners since and current owner Tony Salt bought it in 2005.

Tony Salt was a tyre technician for Michelin and was involved with the bike back when Sheene was racing it in 1983.

The bike is currently fitted with 17 inch wheels and four piston brake callipers, but the original wheels and brakes are being included in the sale.

It also comes with spare “Mick Grant” bodywork.

The bike is being sold as used, but it was only ridden on Sundays – right?

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