Australian Petrol Prices On The Rise, But You Can Still Save Cash

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Last month, Australians were greeted with the news that petrol prices had plummeted by an average of seven cents per litre.

In Sydney, this took the average cost of unleaded fuel to 133.2 cents. However, this price has already started to creep back up and is growing closer to the October high of 164.3 cents per litre.

Therefore, when it comes to keeping your car on the road, seeking out ways to cut the cost of your fuel bill is wise.

Shop around

Shopping around for fuel is one of the simplest ways to save on fuel. Graham Cooke from advises that petrol prices will continue to rise and fall and says that drivers need to be smart.

“There will still be significant price differences between locations, so check out price comparison sites and apps.”

Meanwhile, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission chairman Rod Sims states that national chains charge higher prices for fuel than independent retailers.

Therefore, consumers should avoid these petrol stations where possible and compare the prices of independent retailers in their local area to secure the best deal.

Earn cash back on your fuel

The Survey of Motor Vehicle Use in Australia reveals that passenger vehicles consume 15,371 megalitres of petrol each year. So, why not cash in on this unavoidable purchase?

By paying for your fuel with a credit card designed specifically for fuel transactions, you’ll earn cashback and rewards each and every time you fill up your car.

As a result, you’ll benefit from lower petrol costs all year round. Furthermore, the savings you make can be used to cover the cost of your vehicle maintenance fees, such as your annual service.

Drive smartly

Each year the average Australian motorist racks up 13,716 kilometres in their vehicle. By simply cutting back on the number of journeys you make by car, you’ll save on fuel costs.

Similarly, avoid taking short trips around congested cities and towns as the constant accelerating and braking uses more fuel.

Instead, stick to highways where your speed is constant and where braking is minimal.

Petrol prices across Australia continue to fluctuate and this is leading more motorists to consider their fuel consumption and the effect it has on their finances.

By simply shopping around for the best price in your area, paying with a cashback credit card and choosing the trips you make by car wisely, you’ll see savings on your annual fuel spend.

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