Audi to open new dealership in Macarthur region of Sydney

Audi to open new dealership in Macarthur region of Sydney

Booming south-west Sydney to boast new Audi dealership…

The growing success of Audi in Australia continue and soon the brand will be a whole lot close to a large number of potential new buyers.

Audi Australia today confirming the doors of a new $18 million dollar Audi dealership at Smeaton Grange in the Macarthur region of Sydney would open next year.

Owned by the Alto Group, the new facility will become Audi’s 41st Australian dealership and will even offer a community facility for use by local sporting, business and charity groups.

Anthony Altomonte, Director of the Alto Group, tells us the new dealership will employ around 60 people.

“The Alto Group currently owns three successful Audi facilities in Sydney and this fourth location will provide even more opportunities for our business and for the local community.

“At around $18 million, it’s a large investment, however we are confident the south western corridor of Sydney has great potential for the brand.”

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