Apple CarPlay/Android Auto declared new car ‘must haves’

New study finds majority of car owners want mirror tech

apple carplay screen

Most of the Behind the Wheel team are fans of the tech, now Apple CarPlay and Android Auto have been given a big tick of approval by a majority of car buyers.

A new study undertaken in the U.S., Western Europe and China by Strategy Analytics has found access to smartphone apps through built-in ‘mirror’ systems is increasingly important to consumers’ purchase decisions.

More car buyers are also willing to pay for access to the tech.

Why do buyers want to use their own device rather than built-in apps and software? Because mobile apps are seen to be far superior for more advanced apps such as satellite-navigation.

“Consumer Interest for In-Car Smartphone Mirroring is Almost Universal”, says Derek Viita, report author and Senior Analyst.

“All of our research suggests that consumers will soon be ready to adopt CarPlay and Android Auto for their infotainment needs,”

This is bad news for embedded navigation suppliers and OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) that want to sell upgraded navigation systems.

“It also shows a missed opportunity: OEMs have been including these systems ‘as standard,’ when our research suggests that consumers would actually be willing to pay for them, even to the price of traditional navigation options.”

While Chris Schreiner, Director of Syndicated Research UXIP tells us many car owners reported frustrations with built-in systems.

“Consumers are increasingly relying on connected apps for a variety of purposes in the car due to frustrations with the user experience of embedded systems.

“It almost seems to be the case that the last remaining obstacle for the advance of smartphone mirroring is simply exposure.”

Are you a fan of Apple CarPlay/Android Auto? How important is having the tech to you in your next car purchase?

And, are you willing to pay more for it? Let us know your thoughts on smartphone ‘mirror’ in-car software in the comments section below.


  1. How important is mirroring to me as a buyer? Well, despite being a lifelong BMW fan and finally able to afford a top-of-range new model, the company’s decision not to support Android Auto is making me look at Mercedes and Audi instead. Never thought I’d hear/see myself saying that…

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