February 28, 2019

Apple CarPlay unveiled in Hyundai Tucson

New Hyundai Tucson first Hyundai to feature the technology.

Apple CarPlay unveiled in Hyundai Tucson
Apple CarPlay unveiled in Hyundai Tucson – iPhone users can access their content at the touch of a button

The Hyundai Tucson‘s new Active and Active X models will be the first Hyundai’s to include Apple CarPlay making life easier for iOS users allowing them to connect directly to their smartphone through the in-car multimedia touchscreen.

The CarPlay function has been installed in the lower grade models primarily to provide satellite navigation capabilities for drivers across the whole Hyundai Tucson range.

Owners of a current iPhone can plug their device into the USB socket to instantly access their contacts, messages, music, maps, audiobooks and podcasts on the 7″ touchscreen display.

Calls can be made through the car’s in-built system without the need to pair up via Bluetooth or download their contacts list, while all commands – for messaging or music selections – can be given through the phone’s Siri voice recognition software making it safer and more convenient for drivers.

For android owners, Hyundai plans to launch Android Auto in their vehicles early next year.

Apple CarPlay unveiled in Hyundai Tucson – access functions with voice command via Siri

For more information on the new Hyundai Tucson click here.

In other Hyundai news; Hyundai i30 tops June 2015 car sales and Hyundai Santa Fe SR arrives.

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