Another Jeep Grand Cherokee Recall

Another Jeep Grand Cherokee Recall

This time an issue with the brake booster needs to be addressed…

Some Jeep Grand Cherokee owners will need to return their vehicles to a dealership to have their vehicles brake booster checked and possibly replaced.

The latest recall of the popular Jeep comes after it was announced that hundreds of the vehicles were required to have an issue with the Ready Alert Braking (RAB) System checked last month.

The Grand Cherokee was also subject to two electrical system recalls late last year.

Relating to the latest issue, the ACCC say 2011-2014 models are affected.

They say the brake booster, which has a centre shell, may corrode over time and allow water to enter.

If water enters the centre shell it could freeze, minimizing the vehicles braking ability and increasing the risk of a crash.

Chrysler will contact all affected owners to arrange inspection and, if necessary, repairs.