Altrex Window Tint

Altrex Window Tint

The Behind the Wheel Product of the Week is Altrex Window Tint.

Altrex Window Tint
Product of the Week – Altrex Window Tint.

Australia is the sunshine and skin cancer capital of the world.

Think about those long hot summer days in your car with the sun shining in on you and making everything even hotter and more uncomfortable. What about getting back into a hot car at the end of the day?

The answer, of course, is window tint and now you can do-it-yourself with our Product of the Week – Altrex Window Tint.

With this easy do-it-yourself kit you can achieve professional results for a fraction of the price of commercial window tinting.

It’s easy to apply and available in two lengths and four different shades. Altrex Window Tint blocks harmful UV rays, adds privacy, reduces road glare and keeps your interior cooler.

And our Product of the Week even comes with a full five-year guarantee.

Looking for some help installing window tint? Check out our instructional video…

You can order Altrex Window Tint now from the Altrex Auto Accessories online store.

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