Altrex Window Tint Review

Altrex Window Tint Review

Simon Lai reviews do-it-yourself window tint from Altrex.

Altrex Window Tint Review
Altrex Window Tint Review.

We spend a lot of time in our cars now-a-days and with high rates of skin cancer in this country it’s important to protect ourselves from UV rays even while we’re driving.

But not every car comes with tinted windows and sometimes owners prefer to spare the expense of getting it installed.

You can do it yourself though. I got my hands on a roll of Altrex Window Tint and found a spare window to try it out on.

Altrex Window Tint Review
To start, cut a template of the window onto a piece of paper and cut out the shape from the roll of tinting.

Prep the inside of the window by cleaning thoroughly then spray with a mild detergent mixture drenching the surface.

Altrex Window Tint Review
Stick the tinting film on the window matching up the sides and use a squeegee to press down the film and squeeze out the water as you go along.

You then trim the excess around the edges.

Altrex Window Tint Review
The finished product.

To be honest with you, installing any window tint is tricky. I was under no illusion that it wouldn’t be. But it requires time and patience and quite a bit of dexterity. The tint is thin and a little flimsy and getting it onto the window in the first place is fiddly so expect to get some crimps.

Overall I got a pretty good result but a few small bubbles are unavoidable.

Having said that, if you get it right, doing it yourself is many times cheaper than hiring a professional.

The shade of tint I had was quite dark – 5% very dark smoke, which may be too dark for some. Altrex  also has tints in 20% and 35% which come in two different sized rolls. You may need a couple of rolls to do your whole car.

Altrex Window Tint retails for $29.99 and is available from the Altrex website.


  1. G’day Simon, can you tell me if the Altrex tint is still holding up after 3 or so years? Has it changed to purple or is it still the same colour as the day you installed it?

    • Hi Phil, yep the Altrex window tint is still going strong – in fact I’d forgotten about it completely until you mentioned it.

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