Altrex Speed Dryer Chamois Review

Joel Helmes reviews a popular synthetic chamois…

One memory I have of my childhood is that of helping my father wash his car.

When the soap, sponge and hose work was done the chamois would come out and they were always dry and hard. A soak in some water would of course bring back the soft and absorbent qualities of the genuine leather chamois.

Those days are gone with most of the chamois on the market today being made from synthetic materials.

Altrex Speed Dryer Chamois Review
Altrex Speed Dryer Chamois Review.

The team at Altrex kindly asked us to review their synthetic chamois, a product they call the “Speed Dryer”, and over the past few months I have used it after hosing down and/or washing all of the different cars I’ve reviewed.

At first though, I was a little disappointed in the chamois. I found it very “grippy” on the paint surface, a bit hard and not all that absorbent.

But, I stuck with it, noticing each time I used it that the chamois became softer, more absorbent and easier to work with.

The instructions say to rinse thoroughly after use and to store the chamois damp in the container provider, I would add that it’s probably a good idea when you first buy the chamois to give it a good soak in a bucket of water first to get into its optimum usable state.

Priced at just $9.99 and available on the Altrex website, I now really like using this chamois and find it always does an excellent job.

Oh, and unlike the old leather chamois, it doesn’t dry out between uses!

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