Altrex Skinz Paint Protection Film Review

Simon Lai checks out a product aimed at protecting your car.

Altrex Skinz Paint Protection Film Review
Altrex Skinz promises to protect your paintwork and headlights.

A new car will often be your pride and joy and owners will usually try and preserve its showroom condition, especially the paintwork.

But, short of leaving it in the garage and never driving it, there is another option.

Altrex has Skinz – Invisible Paint Protection Film in their range, a protection skin that adheres to the car’s paintwork, plastic work or headlights.

It claims to protect from gravel and other road debris damage and also protects the exterior from UV damage.

Altrex Skinz Paint Protection Film Review
To prep for application, clean the surface thoroughly and either trace out a template or cut the plastic to shape.

Wet the surface completely with a mild detergent mixture, remove the backing paper and stick the film on the car.

Altrex Skinz Paint Protection Film Review
The water mixture will allow you position the piece of plastic to some extent as you work to fit it into place. Press the film flat against the surface making sure to squeeze out any air/water bubbles.

The instructions suggest a heat gun or hair dryer for the more curved sections to heat the plastic, making it more pliable. However, I found that, though the plastic does become softer, it stretches creating excess film.

With modern car designs and advances in moulding techniques, the shape of body panels and plastic fittings are more complex with more curves. I found that this made it difficult to fit the skin perfectly on a seemingly straightforward headlight which, turns out, has some extreme curves.

The Altrex Skinz would be most effective on a surface that is either relatively flat or curves in only one dimension.

The adhesion is very strong so making a mistake is costly, though, once dry, you know the film won’t fall off.

The packaging says the film is ‘invisible’. I wouldn’t say it’s completely imperceptible – it’s pretty obvious up close depending on its location – but probably not so noticeable from a distance.

For those that want to protect the vulnerable parts of their car’s exterior Altrex Skinz are a good option provided you have the time and patience.

I obtained the large sheet pack which retails for $59.99. The smaller one goes for $26.99.

Skinz Invisible Paint Protection Film is available from automotive accessory retailers and on the Altrex website.


  1. gday simon interested in the skinz product, im stuck in a wheelchair when loading it into my dmax i sometimes hit the side door leaving minor scratches. which annoys me . would this product protect my door thanks les

    • G’day Les, thanks for the question. I guess any covering over the body surface would provide some degree of protection.I would say Skinz can provide this for minor scratches but nothing deeper. For more inquiries contact our friends at Altrex [email protected]

  2. Using a vehicle as a moving billboard is a great idea. I like that when you wrap it you don’t have to worry about sanding and all the prep work that it takes to paint. Is there any prep work besides cleaning that is needed to apply a wrap?

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