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Our Product of the Week is Altrex 3D Chrome Badges

The world might have you thinking that we’re moving towards our cars being boring white robot driven boxes, however the evidence everywhere that we see couldn’t be further from that.

Australian car buyers are increasingly opting for lifestyle cars – think 4×4 dual-cabs.

Bright paint colours are also in vogue and have been for some time too.

The reason is simple, our cars are an extension of our personality and we all want to show our individuality in the vehicle that we choose.

But there’s also the chance to truly make an individual statement and that’s where this week’s Behind the Wheel Product of the Week comes in – the range of 3D Chrome Emblems available from Altrex Auto Accessories.

These very reasonably priced accessories can very quickly take your car from bland to fab!

They are available in every letter of the alphabet (just image the messages you could create), and the emblems are also offered in a number of popular variants/designs, including:

  • Fish
  • ‘V8’
  • Raging Bull (as seen above)
  • ‘4×4’
  • Phoenix
  • Dragon
  • ‘Sport’

So go on, be individual, give your car that extra touch of fun and personality with these great weather resistant and easy to install emblems.

Order your 3D Chrome Emblems now from the Altrex Auto Accessories Online Store from just $1.99!

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