Altrex Auto Accessories One Day Car Restoration

Altrex Auto Accessories One Day Car Restoration

Altrex Auto Accessories gave us a challenge…find the worst possible car and put their products to the test.

It sounded like fun, a one-day car restoration project!

So, we went searching for a vehicle that was bad enough to really present a challenge for the Altrex products.

The result, after much searching around, was this 1992 Mazda 323, selling for the bargain price of $250.

Previously used as a learners car (hence the dents), the Mazda had sat out in a field for about a year and was the very definition of ‘unloved’ when we got it.

Testament to the Mazda build quality however, after a battery charge the Mazda started up straight away and after towing it back home we got to work.

Check out the video showing the process and the shiny end result…

The Altrex Auto Accessories products we used included…

Pretty impressive results hey? If we can achieve all this with no special tools, buffers or polishers, and on a car this dilapidated, imagine how well these quality Altrex Auto Accessories products will work on your car.

To say that we were stunned at just how good this car came up is an understatement.


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