Alpena Glare Reducer Review

Alpena Glare Reducer Review

We look at something to keep the sun out of your eyes…

That glaring afternoon sun is hard on your eyes and skin and can also be potentially very dangerous.

While the standard sunvisors in your car probably do a reasonably good job, often there are big gaps around the rear-view mirror that let the sun straight into the cabin.

Even that thin strip of blue tint on windscreens often doesn’t do the job of keeping the rays out and your vision unhindered.

So, a product like this Glare Reducer looks like a great addition. Here’s how we went…

Alpena Glare Reducer Review
It’s important to read the instructions and use the template to ensure a professional finish.

The instructions are easy to follow and in most cases only a fairly simple alteration to the Glare Reducer will be required – most likely to accommodate the rear-view mirror.

Alpena Glare Reducer Review
Ensure the glass is nice and clean and then spray some window cleaner or soapy water on the area.

Then you simply pull the white paper backing off and put the Glare Reducer into place. The soapy water helps you move it into the correct position – then just ensure there are no bubbles or wrinkles…simple!

Alpena Glare Reducer Review
The finished product.

I was very impressed! The Glare Reducer took around 15 minutes to install and the end result is a very handy addition to any vehicle.

With comfort and safety advantages I was more than happy to give the product a full ten out of ten!

The Alpena Glare Reducer is available from auto accessory retailers and directly from the Altrex website.

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