AlloyGator Wheel Rim Protectors Review

AlloyGator Wheel Rim Protectors Review

We road test and review a set of black AlloyGators.

The trend in the past couple of decades has been towards alloy wheels and lower profile tyres, the trouble is it’s now not hard at all to damage your wheels by one simple parking mishap.

We’ve all done it, you misjudge the gutter and hear that horrible scraping noise. Guess what? The gutter always wins and that means your often very expensive alloy wheel(s) are damaged, ugly and not easily repaired.

But there is a fairly simple way to avoid scratched alloy wheel rims – AlloyGators.

The Australian distributors of AlloyGators sent us a set of black AlloyGators to road test. First up something you need to take note of, fitting AlloyGators to your rims is not something you can really do yourself.

You essentially have to have them fitted at a tyre shop and while that is an inconvenience, no doubt, the way they fit between the tyre and rim ensures you aren’t going to lose them!

We were pleased with the AlloyGators from two perspectives, firstly they really didn’t stand out and catch the eye as much as we thought they would (albeit the black is the best for this), secondly they really do provide your rims with protection.

Thick and strong, we think they are a great investment to protect your alloy wheels and if you want to go for the bright colours available to ‘dress up’ your wheels, then we say – go for it!

You can order a full set of AlloyGators at for $165.

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