8 DIY Affordable Ways to Maintain Your Car

polishing a car

If you are determined to make your car last for a long time, but you do not want to spend a ton of money on maintenance either, you may want to look at some DIY methods that can help you with longevity while remaining low cost. Here are eight DIY ways that you can maintain your cars on a budget.

Remove Junk

It may sound like a silly tip, but you would be surprised at how many people leave junk sitting inside their car. Not only is junk such as wrappers, paper bags, clothes and other items going to dirty your car and ruin the interior, but these things also add weight to your vehicle.

Whether you are storing books, papers or other items in the car, the more items you leave in there all the time, the more effort your car must go through when driving. When you remove items, you keep the interior clean, while ensuring the car is as light as possible while being driven!

Oil Changes

Always use high quality oil, and ensure you are changing it regularly. Period oil changes will save your vehicle, because it ensures that every element of the vehicle is running efficiently and in an optimal fashion.

Clean it Regularly

There is nothing worse than a dirty car that looks as though it has not been washed in years. Make sure you are washing your car at least one time a week. It will maintain the vehicle’s stunning appearance for years.

Car Polishing

Every few years, you may want to take your car to a detailing shop such as https://www.cardetailperth.com.au/. They can easily polish and wax your car, while ensuring that the exterior paint is looking perfect.

However, if you do not want to pay for detailing every year, you can get some polish and wax, and touch up your car on your own. It is a little more effort, but you will save a lot of money!

Keep Tyres Inflated

Do not let your tyres drop down to a low pressure level before you re-inflate them. Learn how to do it yourself, and you can maintain your tyres this way every couple of weeks. Keeping them at the right pressure will ensure they are much less likely to burst.

Invest in Rims

When you first get your vehicle, invest in high quality and aesthetically pleasing rims. You may think it is only about looks, but a lightweight set of quality rims will improve your car’s handling and the performance of your brakes.

Get a New Exhaust

Most factory exhausts do not perform as well as you would want. Replace the one that comes with the car and you will improve airflow and get some extra power too. Invest in one when you first get your car, and it will last you for the duration of your car’s lifetime!

Shock Absorbers

It is a bit pricey to buy new shock absorbers, but if your cars getting a bit older and you do replace them, you will notice how much they improve your vehicle’s ride and handling.

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