7 Common Mistakes to avoid when Selling Your Car

Ready to move on from your old car? Selling your old car should be a cakewalk but it isn’t. There are just too many things that can go wrong because everyone makes mistakes their first time around.

Here are 7 of the most common mistakes people make and how to avoid them –

1.     You don’t know what your car is worth

Often people underquote the value of their car because they want to get rid of it quickly or amp it up not knowing the scores of problems the car has. This leads to people not getting a good deal on their car or not finding a buyer because the price is too high but not worth it.

How to avoid it: Hire an expert to examine the car and estimate the right value of the car. This is also a good time to make some small repairs that will help you sell the car easily.

2.     You take the first offer that comes in

You may be in a hurry to get rid of the car and be tempted to take the very first offer that comes in. This is usually a mistake and you can get lowballed because your desperation is evident.

How to avoid it: Line up buyers so that even if the deal falls through, you have a backup buyer. Play it cool when you’re selling the car.

3.     You take bad quality or no photos of the car

You’ve done your research. You’ve searched “How to sell car online in UAE” and you know that the best way to sell your car is online. But, do you know how many people struggle to sell their cars online because they either don’t put up any pictures or put up bad fuzzy pictures. This is a bad move. Since the digital age is all about the visual, you must catch the buyer’s attention with great quality pictures.

How to avoid it: Hire a friend with a DSLR to take some good shots of the car and make sure to post a bunch of photos of the interiors as well.

4.     You mishandle the paperwork

If you don’t have all the car documents handly, this could be a serious issue when it comes to selling. You need to have all the paperwork ready for a prospective buyer’s inspection.

How to avoid it: Have a single folder for all the servicing receipts, registration and other important documentation and leave it in the glove box.

5.     You are dishonest about the car’s condition

Some people try to lie about the mileage or the car’s condition in order to make it a more attractive buy for the buyers. Lying about the car’s condition can backfire pretty quickly. A keen buyer will be able to see through the deceit and never purchase the car from you.

How to avoid it: Spend some money on repairs and be honest about the car’s condition. As long as you have a well-maintained car, you will find a buyer for it.

6.     You don’t screen inquiries

Once you lost your car online, you may start getting overwhelmed by the number of inquiries you get. It’s important to screen them before you agree to a viewing. Some buyers are simply not looking seriously and should be avoided.

How to avoid it: Ask buyers why they’re interested in your car and when are they looking to buy a car. If the answer is too vague, you can leave them out of the potential buyers list.

7.     You try to do it all by yourself

Even if you are a car connoisseur, selling a car is a headache. Screening buyers, putting out advertisements and making sure you are there to answer every question can be quite hectic.

How to avoid it: Try CarSwitch. CarSwitch does all the heavy lifting for you. From inspections to taking pictures to handling viewings, CarSwitch is there for you and helps you get the best price possible. After reading this article, now if someone asks you “How to sell car online in Dubai”, you very well know the answer

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