5 Key Driving Tips for your Snow Weekend

snow driving tips

How to survive a snow trip

Driving in icy or snow conditions is something foreign to most Australian drivers. It requires a different approach to driving from your normal routine.

If you are heading to the snow this winter follow these tips to give yourself the best chance of having a safe holiday.

Make sure your car is in good condition

Have it serviced at your dealer, check the battery, tyre tread and brakes, wipers and washers etc.

The cold conditions will test your vehicle more than normal.

Take snow chains

If you have a 2WD vehicle, check to see if snow chains can be fitted. If yes it is advisable to practice fitting snow chains before you go as the last thing you want to do is learn how to fit them on the side of the road in the freezing cold while it is snowing. NOT FUN!

If you have an AWD SUV or 4WD you can avoid snow chains but you will still need to drive carefully. If you have a sports car you may wish to fit different tyres.

Don’t forget the antifreeze

Before you head above the snowline put the correct mix of antifreeze in your radiator. Fill up with alpine fuel at a service centre close to the snow. They will have the winter blend fuel of alpine-mix diesel fuel.

This will stop the diesel from freezing in the tank overnight.

If you run a vehicle with LPG/Petrol mix, swap the fuel to petrol before you go and keep it on petrol while you are there.

Keep it covered

While you’re there park your car under cover if possible. If not make sure you leave your windscreen wipers up at all time the car is stationary to stop the freezing to the windscreen.

If you have to clear the ice from the windows use cold water to wash the ice away NEVER USE HOT WATER. It will easily crack your windscreen.

Be patient

If you’re driving in icy or snowy conditions, let your car warm up slowly, drive at a constant pace, don’t zoom off or brake suddenly.

Black Ice is exactly that, you can’t often see it on the road and is prevalent where the sun hasn’t hit yet. Slow is better than sorry!

If you remember these few quick tips your trip to the snow hopefully will be incident free. We just can’t help you on the ski slopes. That is all up to you! Enjoy.

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