2019 car tech not stopping car thieves

car thief luxury car

Back in the old day’s car thieves used to use primitive equipment to get into and steal cars – think jimmying a lock with a screwdriver.

But not today, today car thieves often used quite sophisticated equipment to make off with your set of wheels.

Data from UK car security technology provider, Trakker, shows nearly 90% of all stolen vehicles it recovered last year were stolen without using the owner’s keys.

That number up from just 66% of all cases in 2016.

While UK car theft rates are also on the up with the thought that thieves are finding it increasingly easy to get around electronic anti-theft devices being installed by car manufacturers.

And much of the blame is being pointed specifically at keyless ignitions – a near standard across the new car market in 2019.

Remarkably, despite all the best technology being available to try and prevent thieves from gaining access to our cars, old fashioned strategies could still be the best bet to avoid losing your car to a crook.

Traker say traditional physical barriers, such as steering wheel locks and wheel clamps, are the best anti-theft deterrents.

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