2017 Mazda2 – Toyota Yaris comparison

2017 Mazda2 – Toyota Yaris comparison

We put two top-selling light cars up against each other…

There’s a newly refreshed version of both the Mazda2 and Toyota Yaris available now in dealerships across Australia.

You can check out details of the Mazda2 refresh here and we covered the details on the Toyota here.

So, which of the two should you buy? Well, that’s the question I’m going to try and answer for you.

First, some background on the Mazda2 and the Toyota Yaris.

Both cars compete in the light-car market and consistently score a place in the top-three sales within that category.

The Hyundai Accent is the volume seller, though among private buyers it’s normally the Toyota and Mazda that are the most popular.

2017 Mazda2 – Toyota Yaris comparisonFor the sake of the operation we will focus primarily on the entry-level models and here’s a selection of facts that might make you lean towards the Mazda.

  • The Mazda2 is offered in sedan and hatch, Yaris is hatch only.
  • The Mazda2 has a larger engine and is more powerful – 1.5 litre producing 79kW/139Nm as compared to the Toyota’s 1.3 litre 63kW/120Nm.
  • The Mazda2 is priced from $16,990 drive-away, Yaris kicks-off from $16,820 but you can factor dealer delivery etc. on top of that.
  • The Mazda2 uses a claimed combined 5.4L/100km, the Yaris is quoted at 6.4L/100km.
  • The Mazda2 comes with G-Vectoring tech (this helps stabilise the car in the bends, and in the wet).
  • The Mazda2 comes with forward collision mitigation as standard, the feature is available on the Yaris in a $650 safety pack that also brings lane departure warning and auto high-beam.
  • Premium/metallic paint on the Mazda runs only to the Soul Red Metallic shade, otherwise there is no other price premium. Toyota charges $450 for premium paint on the Yaris.
  • The Mazda three-year warranty covers unlimited kilometres, the Toyota warranty is limited to 100,000km.

Conversely, the Toyota Yaris leads the Mazda in these ways…

  • The Toyota boasts a six-speaker stereo, the Mazda gets only four speakers.
  • The Yaris comes with a reverse camera standard, this is a dealer fit (in rear-view mirror) option on the Mazda2 at extra cost.

Both offerings come with a five-star ANCAP safety rating, as well as steel 15” wheels and height-adjustable driver’s seat.

So, does that mean the Mazda2 is the automatic choice? Well, I would say yes and no.

Here are my personal feelings after spending a week in both…

  • The Toyota Yaris is more fun to drive and handles better.
  • The Toyota Yaris feels roomier inside.
  • The Toyota Yaris has a more comfortable seating position.
  • The Toyota Yaris has more comfortable seats, primarily because of a longer seat base.
  • The Toyota Yaris has easier to read gauges.
  • The Toyota Yaris has more/better storage areas in the cabin.
  • The Mazda2 has a nicer interior look and feel.
  • The Mazda2 rides better and you feel less potholes/cracks.
  • Both vehicles are let down by the lack of a centre arm rest.

Summing it up; they are both, as you would expect, decent offerings.

2017 Mazda2 – Toyota Yaris comparisonThe Mazda is clearly better value; however, the Toyota’s interior layout is better than the Mazda and I found it a slightly more enjoyable car to drive, travel in and live with.

Drive both and let us know what you think via [email protected]

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