2015 tweaks for Nissan GT-R

2015 tweaks for Nissan GT-R

Re-tuned engine and suspension tweaks lead Nissan GT-R changes.

2015 tweaks for Nissan GT-R
RAYS double-spoke aluminium-alloy wheels (Hyper Blue Black chrome colour coat) will feature on GT-R Premium Edition.

Nissan will introduce an upgraded version of the Nissan GT-R in coming months with a number of changes on the way.

The biggest changes come under the chassis and under the bonnet too. The engine and transmission management systems will be retuned for better performance and economy. While transaxle, driveshaft and flywheel bearing modifications will help reduce vibration and noise.

The suspension is in line for a re-tune that will deliver better ride without compromising handling, improved tyres will help straight-line stability and stability over uneven road surfaces, while brake mods improve brake feel and control, according to Nissan.

Finally, Nissan will also tweak the Steering Dynamic Damper to reduce vibration at engine idle and the material for the trunk carpet will be changed to improve sound insulation.

The upgraded Nissan GT-R will appear in Nissan dealerships early next year, no word from Nissan yet on whether the changes will affect GT-R pricing.

Joel Helmes