2015 Holden Cruze SRi-V Review

2015 Holden Cruze SRi-V Review
2015 Holden Cruze SRi-V Review.

Joel Helmes road tests and reviews the 2015 Holden Cruze SRi-V.

2015 Holden Cruze SRi-V Review.

Here we go again with a Holden Cruze review. I think I’ve checked out a Holden Cruze each year since 2011 and generally I’ve walked away pretty impressed.

I asked Holden for the keys to the 2015 version of the Holden Cruze SRi-V because, as we covered here, the model has been given a refresh recently and I figured it was worth checking out those changes.

The tweaking that Holden has done to the Cruze includes the new-look front-end styling (which I don’t think was a great improvement), though the addition of daytime running lights and indicators in the wing-mirrors are welcome.

Styling is improved with new 18” alloy wheels, while inside the cabin the 2015 Holden Cruze SRi-V now comes standard with rain sensing wipers, suede seat inserts and remote start functionality.

2015 Holden Cruze SRi-V Review.

Priced from $27,140 for the six-speed manual and $29,340 for the six-speed auto version, my test car was fitted with the self-shifting transmission.

Disappointingly though, when compared to the manual version the auto comes up short. With a tendency to surge at times under acceleration and not being responsive enough at other times, the auto tends to dull the acceleration of the 1.6 litre turbocharged petrol engine.

I drove and reviewed the manual version last year and was much more impressed (check out that review here).

For the record the 2015 Holden Cruze kicks-off from $19,890 and the SRi-V grade with automatic is the most expensive offering in the range.

2015 Holden Cruze SRi-V Review.

Aside from the disappointing transmission there were two other things that had me concerned. Firstly, the seat-belt buckle on the passenger side would tap against the plastic trim of the ‘B’ pillar when not in use. This occurred as soon as any turn was made and drove me crazy!

As the photo shows the leather/suede trim on the driver’s seat was also showing signs of deformation/wear and tear, that’s despite the car having just over 3,000kms on the clock!

Also, the ride felt harsher and less forgiving than in my previous experiences in the Holden Cruze. I don’t know if Holden has made changes but the ride felt particularly firm in this SRi-V and with low-profile 45 series tyres it was not the most enjoyable week of getting about on city/suburban streets.

In saying that, yes the Cruze handles pretty well and the steering, while a little heavier than you might expect, is reasonably sharp.

2015 Holden Cruze SRi-V Review.

Highlights in the cabin include the Holden MyLink infotainment system, push-button ignition and front seat heaters. Legroom in the Holden Cruze is also reasonably good, as is the seating position.

The lack of a driver’s footrest remains a glaring omission in the Holden small car and the cabin, despite being an attractive design, is just starting to look a little dated, especially when compared to rivals like the Mazda3.

Around town you can expect the Holden Cruze SRi-V with a six-speed auto to use around 10.9L/100km (which is nothing really to boast too much about), claimed combined usage comes in at 7.9L/100km.

There really aren’t any optional extras available, though any paint colour other than white or red will cost you an additional $550.

2015 Holden Cruze SRi-V Review.

The Holden Cruze range comes with a full five-star ANCAP safety rating.

Summing it up; A bit like fellow Australian-built offerings the Ford Falcon and Ford Territory, you can feel that the Holden Cruze is starting to look like a model without a future.

A reasonably enjoyable and fresh offering from Holden back in 2010/11, the Series Two Holden Cruze is feeling a bit like yesterday’s news.

In saying that, the six-speed manual version of the SRi-V is a much more enjoyable drive and would be my pick over the auto Cruze – especially if you can drive a good deal from your local Holden dealership.

NUTS and BOLTS – 2015 Holden Cruze SRi-V

Engine: 1.6 litre turbo-petrol producing 132kW and 230Nm

Transmission: Six-speed manual or six-speed automatic

Safety: Five stars

Warranty: 3yrs/100,000km

Origin: Australia

Price: Cruze SRi-V from $27,140

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