2013 Maserati sales boomed ahead

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Maserati sets sales record in 2013

Executives at Maserati are patting themselves on the back after official sales data showed global sales sky-rocketed in 2013.

Overall, Maserati deliveries climbed 148% in 2013 with more than 15,000 new Maserati vehicles handed over to customers across the globe.

That figure is a new all-time annual sales record for Maserati.

The Italian brands previous benchmark of 8,600 units came in 2008.

The USA remained Maserati’s top market, sales there climbed 138 per cent to 6,900 vehicles in the year.

While in China, 2013 Maserati sales surged ahead.

Maserati recorded a staggering 334 per cent increase in deliveries in China in the year, reaching at total of 3,800 vehicle deliveries.

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