1995 Ford Fairlane TV Commercial

1995 Ford Fairlane TV Commercial

A memorable ad for the gone but not forgotten Fairlane…

Remember when Ford didn’t have too much trouble selling the Falcon? Sure, the Commodore was usually slightly ahead, but the big Ford was always in the mix.

Back in the 1990’s you could have a Ford Falcon in any number of different configurations with variants ranging through ute, panel van, sedan, wagon, and then the ultra-luxurious Fairlane.

Then, across those different body styles there were variants including GL, S-Pack, XR6, XR8, Fairmont, Fairmont Ghia, Fairlane, Fairlane Ghia and LTD!

The Fairlane though, which shared the same long wheelbase platform as the wagon, is our focus today as we look back at a classic TV commercial from the 1990’s…

Got any memories of the Ford Fairlane? Or, maybe you still have one? Let us know about it below, or send in an email via [email protected]

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