1992 Holden Nova TV Commercial

holden nova tv commercial

A memorable Holden Nova ad from the 1990’s…

The Holden Nova, you might not remember it, however I can certainly remember this TV commercial.

As you probably know, Holden and Toyota teamed up under the ‘Button Car Plan’ and decided to share some models.

This meant Toyota got a large sedan – the Holden Commodore rebadged as the Toyota Lexcen, in return, Holden gained access to a Corolla that was rebadged as the Nova.

The plan, which sounded good in theory, didn’t really work out because most people were happy just to buy a Commodore off Holden and a Corolla from Toyota!

Anyway, Holden tried to sell the Nova by promising that when powered by the new 1.8 litre version ‘It goes’ and used an Australian icon to try and paint the picture…

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