Your Car Reviews: Hyundai ix35

Your Car Reviews: Hyundai ix35

Alice reviews her Hyundai ix35 for us.

I am the proud owner of a Hyundai iX35. I used to have a lower Toyota Camry sedan but after two tricky births and significant back problems, the thought of getting the kids in and out of the car made me become a hermit.

I had been looking at the compact SUV’s from many makers for a while but the Hyundai appealed to me because of the price, modern look, fuel consumption and size. When it arrived, I loved it straight away.


  • I loved being up high but without the feeling of driving a tractor
  • I didn’t need to use the manual to figure out the radio and Bluetooth phone connection – very straight forward
  • A tiny turning circle… seems irrelevant but very handy for navigating car parks and city driving
  • Easy to keep clean (inside and out)
  • Fuel consumption… basically nothing
  • A sleek and modern design
  • I love being able to record songs I like off the radio into my car. No boring road trips for me!


  • There is no backing camera and the rear view window is small (not the best combo)
  • You can only fit 2 booster seats in the back and one very squished adult! I don’t recommend this car for a family of 5.

Hyundai’s didn’t have the best rep when they first launched onto the Aussie market. They were cheap looking, clunky and not very sleek. Hyundai has really developed their brand into a something that is exciting to buy… it’s no longer the ‘the car I buy whilst I save up for what I want’.

And what would I rather own? A chauffeur. But hey, a girls gotta have a dream right?!

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