Your Car Reviews: 2010 Toyota RAV4

Your Car Reviews: 2010 Toyota RAV4

Rachel reviews her 2010 model Toyota RAV4 for us.

I have owned Toyota RAV4 SUVs for the last 10 years after driving a Ford sedan all my life.

I love that I’m up high in the RAV4 and can see the oncoming traffic. I also love the way the car handles and that it has a really roomy boot.

My Toyota RAV4’s four-cylinder engine is economical to run, especially in comparison to what I was used to from the Ford!

It’s been great for city and country roads, its roomie enough for five people, air-conditioner is icy cold and in ten years I have never had a problem with the Toyota product.

I’ve had two Toyota RAV4s in the last 10 years and if I was to upgrade I’d definitely get another one.

Thanks Rachel, you sound like a very happy Toyota RAV4 owner. Would you like to review your car for us? Send your review to or use our Contact page.

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