Your Car Reviews: 1993 Mitsubishi Express

Your Car Reviews: 1993 Mitsubishi Express

Kerrie reviews her 1993 Mitsubishi Express for us.

I have been a passenger in and I’m now the driver of a 1993 Mitsubishi Express van. This vehicle was never designed for comfort, not for the driver, passengers or even the dog.

The kids called it a vegie van, I call it the tank!! It is a cube.

The steering is very sensitive and sometimes the van turns almost automatically and before I’m ready, while the horn is ready to BEEP at the slightest turn of the wheel. I have made a lot of new friends with this great feature.

Having said all that she has never broken down on us, other people yes (according to the log books). Our mechanic reckons we should sell her but we won’t, we love her warts, piles (from the hard suspension) and all.

I have also never been pulled over by the police, this is simply because you can’t get the speed over the limit.

The dog gets excited about the Mitsubishi, but maybe she doesn’t like the house?

You can also sleep in the van and we hope she goes the distance as life would not be the same without ‘The Veggie Bus’.

Thanks Kerrie, terrific review of your Mitsubishi van! Want to send in a review of your car? Email via or use our Contact page.

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