Tips to make driving with Dyspraxia easier

Tips to make driving with Dyspraxia easier

Some tips to help make driving easier for people with Dyspraxia…

Drivers with conditions such as Dyspraxia, which affects hand-eye coordination, short term memory and spatial awareness, often find it more challenging using the roads than others.

However, there are things you can do to help make driving easier.

In a bid to help people who have Dyspraxia, or similar conditions, the road safety organisation, IAM RoadSmart, has provided these simple steps that could help make a difference.

Tips to make driving with Dyspraxia easier:

Drive an auto instead

Less co-ordination is needed and there is less to worry and think about.

Plan your journey

Write down the directions to your destination and clip them to the dashboard.

Take a break

If you’re finding it difficult to concentrate plan you journey well in advance so that you know where you can have frequent stops.

If you have map reading problems, reverse maps can help and/or computer navigation systems.

Get a check-up

If you feel like you are or have been suffering from some of the symptoms book an appointment with you doctor or GP.

A health check for you is like a rego check for your car.

For more information about Dyspraxia contact the Australian Dyspraxia Association.

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