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Smart new tyre tech from Continental

September 22, 2017 Simon Lai

Those black rubbery things that your car runs along on are actually a significantly important contributor to your cars handling, braking and stability. But, despite their importance, as we know, tyres are often pretty much […]

2017 Design Awards for Nexen Tire

July 26, 2017 Kate Richards

U.S. design awards for Nexen Two quite revolutionary tyre designs from Nexen Tire have been recognized with well-respected design awards in the U.S. The two tyres – the ‘N’FERA AU7’ and ‘BREATHRE’ (both seen above) […]

Top Tyre Award for Continental

July 18, 2017 Simon Lai

Auto Express names Best Tyre 2017 They famously always say that “oils and oils” and w e reckon that’s even more than case when it comes to tyres. There can be a huge difference between […]

Car Tyre Care 101

July 18, 2017 Kate Richards

Essential Car Tyre Safety Check and Maintenance Tips Those black rubber things that your car rolls along are so much more than just air-filled accompaniments. They really are the most important safety feature you have, […]

Ohtsu Tyres return to Australia

June 30, 2017 Kate Richards

More choice for Aussie car owners The Ohtsu Tyres name would be familiar to some Australians, the Japanese brand was previously a well-established name among Aussie truck and bus operators. Now the brand returns to […]

How its Made – Car Tyres

June 20, 2017 Simon Lai

Tyres are a crucial safety feature and one of the most important elements of your car. But how are they made? What exactly goes into making those black rubbery things that keep you stuck (hopefully) […]

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