February 19, 2017

Toyota Lexcen TV Commercial

February 19, 2017 Simon Lai 0

Our ‘Catch of the Day’ is for a famous Aussie car you might not remember… Back in the day, the 1980’s and 90’s, the federal government encouraged car companies to team up and share resources. […]

Toyota and Suzuki to team up

February 7, 2017 Simon Lai 0

Toyota and Suzuki have sat down and worked out how they can assist each other in achieving positive outcomes into the future. For Toyota, they see an opportunity with Suzuki to get more traction/presence in […]

TopGear’s attempt to destroy a HiLux

February 7, 2017 Simon Lai 0

When we mention the name ‘TopGear’ the chances are a few definitive moments from the Jeremy, James and Richard years come to mind. Clarkson driving the Ariel Atom (and turning into the Elephant Man), the […]

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