Brica Smart Shade Review

June 9, 2017 Simon Lai

We stay cool with a product from Munchkin… It’s an eternal struggle for passengers to shade themselves from incessant  the glare of the sun. Those sun shades with the suction cups are unreliable and are […]

CarPlan Bug Blitz

May 26, 2017 Kate Richards

Our Product of the Week is CarPlan Bug Blitz… It seems that nothing is more attractive to a bird than a nice clean car. And if the birds don’t spoil your shiny paintwork then any […]

CarPlan Tyre Applicator Brush

May 15, 2017 Kate Richards

Our Product of the Week is the CarPlan Tyre Applicator Brush… This week’s Product of the Week could quite easily fit into your post car wash cleaning kit. You’ve washed and dried your car with […]

CarPlan Demon Tyres

April 22, 2017 Joel Helmes

Our Product of the Week is CarPlan Demon Tyres… We’ve been thoroughly impressed by the CarPlan Demon range of products and now comes the new Demon Tyres. CarPlan Demon is a range of products that […]

CarPlan Flash Dash

April 22, 2017 Kate Richards

Our Product of the Week is CarPlan Flash Dash… The key to convenience is to have everything in its correct place and that’s where these very handy CarPlan wipes come to the fore. Now, instead […]

Navman Drive Duo SUV Review

April 13, 2017 Simon Lai

We go on the launch of the latest release from Navman… With the growing popularity of SUV ownership in Australia, Navman is catering to the needs of the weekend off roader. Out now is the […]

Just Mobile Xtand Go Z1 Review

April 12, 2017 Simon Lai

We check out another phone cradle from Just Mobile… A month of ago we reviewed the Just Mobile Xtand Vent mobile phone holder. Now we look at another Just Mobile cradle, the Xtand Go Z1. […]

CarSmart Car Wash Mop

March 29, 2017 Kate Richards

Our Product of the Week makes car washing easy… Ask any tradesperson, doctor, or even professional car detailer and we’re sure they’ll all tell you the same thing – the right tool for the job […]

Altrex Style Stripes

March 20, 2017 Joel Helmes

Our Product of the Week is Altrex Style Stripes… So often, especially with cars, just a little finishing touch can make a difference, that’s why we’ve chosen Altrex Style Stripes as our Product of the […]

LASER Navig8r Pro X Review

March 16, 2017 Simon Lai

A dash cam and navigator all in one from LASER… LASER is breaking through into other forms of technology in an expansion of their product range from the traditional computer accessories. Exemplified by their car […]

LASER Power Bank CJ6000 Review

March 10, 2017 Simon Lai

Never be short of a charge or a jump start… If you’re an IT geek, like me, you’d be aware that LASER was once known for blank CDs, floppy disks and other PC paraphernalia. But […]

Workshop Wonder Sealed With A TSS

March 3, 2017 Kate Richards

The Product of the Week will help get your engine started… As the old saying goes ‘water and oil’ don’t mix, it’s also true that electricals and water don’t mix either! But, vehicles are out […]

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