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Where’s the Kia ute?

October 20, 2017 Joel Helmes

That was the question asked of the Kia Australia boss at this week’s updated Kia Sorento launch. The answer, disappointingly, was that there doesn’t look like being a Kia ute available to Australian buyers at […]

2018 Kia Sorento Launch Review

October 19, 2017 Joel Helmes

Kia Australia is hoping this updated and improved Kia Sorento SUV will help them take more sales away from the other three main competitors in this segment of the market. Those other offerings are the […]

Kia sales continue to boom in 2017

October 11, 2017 Joel Helmes

Once one of the ‘ugly ducklings’ of the car world, especially in Australia, Kia today is a car brand on the rise, and making big inroads on rivals. In Australia, VFACTS data for September shows […]

2018 Kia Stinger GT Launch Review

September 26, 2017 Alan Zurvas

The much-hyped big Kia Stinger has finally shown its full fury in a mad track day near Canberra. Kia bravely put Australian media behind the wheel at Wakefield Raceway near Goulburn in central NSW. The […]

2018 Kia Stinger Launch Review

September 22, 2017 Chris Miller

Get your epi-pen ready – the most anticipated Kia ever is here and it could cause an anaphylactic shock. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the Stinger. Supposedly it’s the car that will fill the shoes of […]

2017 Kia Rondo S Review

September 21, 2017 Simon Lai

As with last week’s review of the Kia Soul, the Kia Rondo is another in the range that doesn’t get much love and one, that I assumed, was due to its basic construction. However, this […]

2017 Kia Soul Review

September 15, 2017 Simon Lai

Having never driven the Kia Soul, I always assumed it (along with the Kia Rondo we’ll review next week) was one of the brand’s lesser offerings given its less than flattering sale numbers. Many makes […]

2017 Kia Cerato Si Hatch Review

September 12, 2017 Alan Zurvas

The Kia Cerato benefited from a significant upgrade a bit over a year ago, since then sales of the Kia small sedan/hatch have skyrocketed. It is now one of the best-selling small cars in the […]

2017 Kia Rondo Review

September 10, 2017 Garry Fabian

When it comes to selecting a mid-sized car, why not think outside the box and take a look at the Kia Rondo? As we know, Kia has established a serious reputation when it comes to […]

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