Behind the Wheel Podcast 449

May 19, 2017 Kate Richards

Pete, Chris and the team are back for another podcast… This week on Behind the Wheel we’re shining a spotlight on older cars after some pretty eye opening results from some ANCAP testing. CEO of […]

Behind the Wheel Podcast 448

May 11, 2017 Kate Richards

The Behind the Wheel Podcast heads underground this week… One of our favourite crazy billionaires has come up with an idea to tunnel under city’s in an attempt to ease traffic congestion. In fact, he’s […]

Behind the Wheel Podcast 447

May 4, 2017 Kate Richards

It’s a hard-hitting Behind the Wheel Podcast this week. We confront the Takata Airbag scandal. These faulty airbags can cause serious injuries, demonstrated in a relatively minor smash in Darwin last week –  and there […]

Behind the Wheel Podcast 445

April 20, 2017 Kate Richards

It’s a monster edition of the Behind the Wheel Podcast this week… She’s threatened us for years, and now it’s finally happened – Rachel Franco joins us live in the studio for this week’s edition […]

Behind the Wheel Podcast 443

April 7, 2017 Kate Richards

Buckle up for another supersized edition of the Behind the Wheel Podcast. This week we peer into the future and talk to Jessica de Vries Managing Director Search Optics. Jessica has got some insights into […]

Behind the Wheel Podcast 442

March 31, 2017 Kate Richards

Pete, Chris and the team are back to talk cars once again! Another week, another motoring controversy – and emissions and fuel consumption are again in the spotlight. The Australian Automobile Association (AAA) released findings […]

Behind the Wheel Podcast 441

March 22, 2017 Kate Richards

We’re all oiled up and ready to go with this week’s edition of Behind the Wheel… We’re full to the brim with everything motoring, and you’re almost certain to encounter some stupidity as well! Joel […]

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