BMW 5 Series E12 Documentary

March 2, 2017 Simon Lai

A look back at the first-gen BMW 5 Series… Back in the very early 1970’s BMW landed on the global stage with the BMW 5 Series. An instant classic and the beginning of the BMW […]

Next-gen BMW 5 Series Touring debuts

February 1, 2017 Joel Helmes

Station wagons, wagons, tourers, estates…whatever you want to call them, are not necessarily the flavour of the month with car buyers, however BMW has put a lot of effort into its newest ‘Touring’ model. The […]

2017 BMW 5 Series makes Australian debut

October 21, 2016 Joel Helmes

The new seventh-generation BMW 5 Series was only unveiled last week (details here) and already two pre-production cars have arrived in Australia. Showing the importance of the new mid-size saloon to BMW in Australia, the […]

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