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2018 Audi A7 Sportback revealed

October 20, 2017 Joel Helmes

Audi say they’ve got something just that little bit different to offer executive saloon buyers next year – the new A7 Sportback. Unveiled early this morning our time, the A7 Sportback is a five-door coupe […]

Model identification rethink for Audi

August 24, 2017 Simon Lai

The German car manufacturers have been accused of making their model naming and designation systems too complicated, Audi included. But Audi reckon they might have the solution to make it easier for the average car […]

Audi Q8 caught in testing

August 10, 2017 Simon Lai

Flagship Audi SUV here in 2019 It looks like Audi won’t stray too far away from the Audi Q8 Concept when the real thing hits dealerships in 2019. The guys at Motor Authority in the […]

2018 Audi A8 unveiled

July 11, 2017 Joel Helmes

Audi’s fourth-gen A8 revealed Here’s your first look at the all-new Audi A8. Audi has just released these images in Germany and full details are still coming through. Check out the all-new steering wheel design […]

2018 Audi A8 to debut tonight

July 11, 2017 Chris Miller

Final countdown to A8 showing We’ve been bringing you updates on the all-new Audi A8, now comes the final piece of the puzzle with the official complete unveiling of the new car coming tonight. Just […]

Hybrid tech for new Audi A8

June 14, 2017 Joel Helmes

2018 Audi A8 to feature hybrid tech There’s an all-new Audi A8 about to debut and now we can confirm the flagship Audi model will feature a ‘mild’ hybrid drivetrain. Not a full hybrid, like […]

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