Subaru smashes Isle of Man track record

Subaru smashes Isle of Man track record

A Subaru Impreza WRX STI has set a new lap record on the historic Isle of Man TT Road Course.

The purpose-built 2016 WRX was piloted by Mark Higgins who pushed the Subaru around the 37-mile track with an average lap speed of 128.73mph (205km/h) and a time of 17.35.

This smashes the previous record held by Higgins of 116.47 mph and a time of 19.26.

After setting the new lap record, Higgins said he was surprised at just how fast he managed to go.

“It was an amazing run today considering we were running in very hot conditions and the tarmac was quite soft.

“With lower temperatures we would be making more horsepower, so I still believe we have more left in terms of speed, but it is great to have another record in the bank,”

“The chassis on this new car is fantastic to drive. It makes a difference driving a car custom designed for this course.

“It really allowed me to pick up time in each sector in the more technical parts of the course.”

Subaru is a major sponsor of the Isle of Man TT and National Manager of Product Communications at Subaru of America, Dominic Infante, says it was tremendous to watch how Mark tackled the famous course.

“There is nothing like a lap of the TT circuit to push a car to its limits. As the official car of the TT, this record is especially gratifying,”

“The Isle of Man really shows the capability of this new WRX STI. We are evaluating whether to make another run on Friday and top this record.”

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