Significant weight savings promised in new-gen Audi A8

Significant weight savings promised in new-gen Audi A8

Body weight to be cut by up to 28% thanks to new Audi construction method…

The 2018 Audi A8 looks set to be a significantly more nimble and efficient offering with Audi utilizing cutting-edge construction technology to shave hundreds of kilos off the saloon’s waistline.

The big change is the introduction of four lightweight materials, including carbon-fibre, aluminium and magnesium in the Audi A8’s chassis.

Known as the Audi Space Frame (ASF), Audi tell us that using this mix of materials makes not only for a lighter chassis, but also a significantly stiffer chassis as well with torsional rigidity up 25%.

Extra weight will also be shaved off the new Audi A8 through the replacement of steel body panels with aluminium, in total, 58% of the body panels will be crafted from the lightweight metal.

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