Shell shows efficient city car concept

Shell shows efficient city car concept

After years of powering our cars with their fuel, Shell has decided to build its own car!

The oil company has just unveiled a concept city car that they say would use 34% less energy than a typical city car over its entire lifecycle, if it were to ever be produced.

A rethink of a Gordon Murray Design city car concept, the Shell Concept Car weighs in at just 550kg and is the result of a co-engineering collaboration between vehicle, engine and lubricant designers, according to Shell Global Lubricants boss Mark Gainsborough.

“I’m very proud of what Shell’s scientists and their partners at Geo Technology and Gordon Murray Design have achieved.

“This project shows that if we use the best of today’s technology we could potentially have a major impact on energy use and reduce CO2 emissions.

“The improvement in economy derived from the collaborative design of engine and lubricant is impressive and highlights the enormous benefits achieved from close relationships between design partners.

“It also shows the powerful role that lubricants can potentially play in helping achieve CO2 reduction targets.”

While Dr Andrew Hepher, Vice President, of Shell’s lubricant research team, said now is the time to accelerate the conversation about how we make road vehicles more energy efficient and less carbon-intensive.

“In the coming weeks and months, we look forward to sharing our research insights from this project with engine designers, car manufacturers, academics and other experts across the automotive sector.”

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