Safety label issue sees Holden vehicle jacks recalled

Safety label issues sees Holden vehicle jacks recalled

Holden Colorado, Colorado 7 and Trailblazer affected…

Owners of some Holden utes and SUVs will need to arrange to have a label applied to their vehicles jack after it was found the original labels fitted don’t meet local standards.

The recall affects Holden Service Part Vehicle Jack assemblies sold by Holden Service Parts Organisation (HSPO) and carry the GM Part Number: 98162092

Only owners of Holden RG Colorado, Colorado 7 and TrailBlazer vehicles are affected.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is overseeing the recall.

The recall notice advises that certain vehicle jacks, sold by HSPO as service replacements may not have been fitted with the required Aus/NZ standards label which describes the safe and correct usage of the jack.

What are the hazards?

Incorrect use of the vehicle jack may result in an increased injury risk to the consumer.

Affected Holden customers are invited to contact either Holden Customer Care on 1800 632 826, or their nearest Holden Dealer to arrange a label to be fitted to the vehicle jack assembly.

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