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RoadWarrior Holder Charger and Transmitter review

Simon Lai reviews a phone holder that really is an ‘all-in-one’ device.

RoadWarrior Holder Charger and Transmitter review
RoadWarrior Holder Charger and Transmitter review.

No, it’s not a Mad Max film, the Road Warrior is phone charger and FM transmitter cradle. It plugs into your 12V socket with the transmitter at the base and a gooseneck extending upwards.

RoadWarrior Holder Charger and Transmitter review
The phone just clips in to the holder which can be rotated 180° but the connection is micro USB and only suitable for phones like the Samsung Galaxy.
RoadWarrior Holder Charger and Transmitter review
To use the transmitter, switch the device on and plug the cord into your headphone input. Use the “+ & -” buttons to select the desired radio frequency matching it to the channel on your stereo. Press play and the unit will automatically play tracks stored on your phone.

The RoadWarrior does take up quite a bit of vertical space but the goose neck does allow you to position the phone away from the dash and anything you need to access behind it.

But you can’t really turn away from a cradle that holds the phone, charges it and allows you to listen to music all at the same time. It will have you singing “we don’t need another cradle”.

The RoadWarrior is available to purchase now on the MobileZap website.

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