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Matte Paint now available on Volkswagen Amarok

Matte Paint now available on Volkswagen Amarok

Top-spec V6 Amarok offered with optional matte paint…

We have to admit this is pretty cool, and something that could prove very successful for Volkswagen – matte paint.

Offered now exclusively on the new top-spec Volkswagen Amarok Ultimate V6, the matte paint is a $3,990 option.

The flat paint giving the Amarok an extra rough and tough feel and look.

Matte Paint now available on Volkswagen AmarokMeantime, Volkswagen tell us they are delighted with the local response to the new V6-powered Amarok.

One in 3 Volkswagen Amarok utes delivered last month was powered by the new 165kW (180kW on overboost)/ 550Nm diesel engine.

However, Director of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Carlos Santos, says this percentage should continue to grow.

“Demand for the V6 ute is exceeding supply at the moment and that is affecting our sales numbers,”

“However, when supply is normalised we see about half of all Amarok sales in Australia being for the V6 version.”

While Mr Santos tells us some customers are going to extreme lengths to get their hands on one.

“We even saw one customer travel from Perth to Brisbane to get one!”

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