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Logitech Case+Drive iPhone Cradle Review

Logitech Case+Drive iPhone Cradle Review

We review a new cradle from Logitech for the iPhone 5…

There is an ever increasing need for hands-free use of phones and cradles, with laws now in place prohibiting drivers from touching their phones while driving a vehicle.

Accessories brand Logitech is well known for their computer related products, but have since branched out into iPhone accessories including the case + drive which is a cradle specifically for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s.

Like any cradle or GPS, a suction cup secures the mount to the windscreen. The yellow dial locks it into place.

The case portion is just like any other case and clips onto the back of your phone. The one difference is the metallic back allowing it to attach itself to the (very strong) magnet on the mount.

Logitech Case+Drive iPhone Cradle Review
Logitech Case+Drive iPhone Cradle Review.

The mount’s hinge is a bit tight but will keep the phone at the desired angle. The suction cup is quite strong and hard to take off but once again is what you want.

The package also comes with a couple of accessories for modification.

To attach the mount to the dashboard instead of the windscreen, there is a plate with an adhesive backing on one side and a glass-like surface on the other.

The case + drive can also accommodate other smartphones with a magnetic, metallic adapter that can be stuck to the inside of any phone cover.

Logitech Case+Drive iPhone Cradle Review
Logitech Case+Drive iPhone Cradle Review.

Summing it up: The case + drive is well designed and constructed. It’s durable and convenient to use especially when taking your phone in and out of the car.

However, there are cheaper alternatives in the market that pretty much do the same job.

But I’ll leave it up to you to decide which is better value for money.

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