Jeep pick-up and seven-seat Grand Wagoneer confirmed

FCA boss commits to three new Jeep models coming by 2020…

Jeep pick-up and seven-seat Grand Wagoneer confirmed

The long-awaited Jeep pick-up, as well as an all new SUV that is larger than the Grand Cherokee have been confirmed this morning by FCA boss, Sergio Marchionne.

The announcements came as part of the unveiling of plans to invest $1 billion (U.S.) in Jeep production plants in the Michigan and Ohio to build the new models.

Set to create 2,000 new jobs, Mr Marchionne said the investment will allow Jeep to extend the brands product line-up to include the new pick-up, Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer models.

The Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer (details here) will be built in Michigan, the pick-up truck will come out of the FCA facility in Ohio.

“The conversion of our industrial footprint completes this stage of our transformation as we respond to the shift in consumer tastes to trucks and SUVs,”

“We are also continuing to reinforce the U.S. as a global manufacturing hub for those vehicles at the heart of the SUV and truck market,”

“These moves expand our capacity in these key segments, enabling us to meet growing demand here in the U.S., but more importantly to increase exports of our mid-size and larger vehicles to international markets.

“The expansion of our Jeep lineup has been and continues to be the key pillar of our strategy.

“Our commitment to internationalize the Jeep brand is unwavering, and with these last moves, we will finally have the capacity to successfully penetrate markets other than the U.S. which have historically been denied product due to capacity constraints.

“In addition, these all new products will reach new consumers as well as those that have been part of the Jeep tradition.” said Mr Marchionne.

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